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WNW: When Spell Check Won't Help

My sister (and fellow word nerd) sent me the following photos, all taken within a 48-hour period.
I knew right away we had a Word Nerd Wednesday on our hands. Laugh with me!
(Captions hers.)

An unfortunate error . . . this is what happens when a parent does the typing then tells the kid to cut out & paste all his own tags for his report on horses in Mexico.

Maybe it's just a really small selection . . .

Apparently, both the ginger beer and root beer are for BINGERS.

The historical exhibit stands alongside three or four other plaques that discuss (quite clearly) the ApostaSy.
These kinds of things are the reason that some days I wish I had the guts to carry a Sharpie everywhere I go . . . and correct signs that make their creators look well, not quite intelligent.

Photographic Evidence

Not sure how I ended up with two weeks between posts (unless I think back over the crazy busy that has been the last two weeks, and then I go, "Oh, yeah.").
When I wrote about the Whitney gala last time, I didn't have any pictures yet. Here are a few. I'd planned to post pictures when I had more, since flashes were all over the place, and I know there are more out there I don't have access to right now, but it's been long enough, so here's what I have.
First, the award itself. It's lying flat here, but it stands up and opens and closes like a real book:

Isn't it purdy?
Below: Before the gala, with critique group member (and 2-time Whitney winner) Heather Moore along with novelist and Deseret Book editor Lisa Mangum. We thought the red theme would be fun for a picture.

Tristi Pinkston and Danyelle Ferguson presented the award to me. Here I am, right after I got onto the stage, with Tristi, hugger extraordinaire:

The pics above and below were taken by de…


I've had Blogger up all day—blank—because this last weekend was just so . . . big. How to encapsulate it in a single post? (Or at all, for that matter?)
It began with the chance to go out to dinner with several writer friends and Marcia Markland, an editor at Thomas Dunne books. Marcia was an absolute delight to talk with and get to know, one of the sweetest women I've ever met.
That night I briefly met up with two of my cousins to celebrate one's university graduation, something she's done with finesse and great courage against huge obstacles. (So proud of you, Jamie!)
Friday morning began the 8th annual LDStorymakers Writers Conference. It was the biggest and best one so far (which is saying a lot). Friday morning while walking through the halls, I immediately recognized agent Sara Megibow from her Twitter avatar and said hello after yelling out her name (and probably taking her off-guard. Sorry about that, Sara!)
Later I attended classes and got to rub shoulders with t…

3rd Annual Teen Writers Conference

As I do my final preparations for this weekend's LDStorymakers Writers Conference and the Whitney Awards gala this weekend, I'm already looking ahead to yet another fantastic conference.
But unless your age ends with teen, you're not invited!
The first Teen Writers Conference was June of 2009, put together by several writers in the West who wanted to reach out for young aspiring writers. We thought maybe we'd get 30 attendees.
We ended up with 108.
To say that first year was a smashing success would be an understatement. We knew the event had tapped into a real need: helping teens who love the written word to improve and grow.
So we did it again last year, and this June will mark the third Teen Writers Conference.
Each year, successful, award-winning authors come to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with young writers.
Past speakers include Jessica Day George, Janette Rallison, and J. Scott Savage.
Attendees get to enter a writing contest and get solid feedback. Older t…