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It's official!

Woohoo! Celebrate! Chocolate Time! And all that jazz.

The Salt Lake Temple-themed book I submitted in December is officially accepted and slated for release in September of this year.


Does it have a title yet?


Even after publishing four novels, there's always the possibility that I'll be rejected (something that has happened many, many times, even since publishing).

A couple of weeks ago, Kathy, the managing editor at my publisher forwarded a reader e-mail and then dropped a bomb: My manuscript was going to committee that week.

That means Wednesday.

Which means that by Tuesday I was having an ulcer.

By Wednesday I couldn't see straight. I kept checking my e-mail for any word and would jump every time the phone rang.

Finally, in desperation, at 4:55 pm, I shot off an e-mail to Kathy asking if a decision had been made. I clicked "send," then crossed my fingers in hopes that she'd see the e-mail before leaving for home in five minutes.

I cursed t…