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Politically Purple

Like a good portion of the population, I'm driven crazy by politics. I hate them, hate them, hate them. And that's in non-election years. Right now, I want to throw a hammer at the television half the time.

One of my earliest memories about politics came when I was a teen and two former sister missionaries who had served under my parents came to visit us. They had recently done internships in Washington, one in a Republican's office, the other in a Democrat's.

My parents asked them about their current political opinions. Now that they'd seen both sides of the aisle first-hand, what did they think?

I'll always remember what one of them said: "I hate both parties." She went on to explain how each side had some great things going for it, but they both had major blind spots as well. While one party valued X, it made things much worse for Y. Meanwhile, the other party might take great care of Y but tended to be completely damaging to Z and sometimes even X.


Enjoying the Less-Enjoyable

Coming up with book ideas is fun. Drafting (except for those writer's block moments) is a blast. Revisions are something I usually enjoy, because I can take something that's already there and polish it up, making it better and better each time I revisit it.

And then you turn in your manuscript, and generally speaking, the fun part is over.

If you're lucky and the book is accepted, you'll likely do more revisions. This might not be painful, but most likely, it won't be fun anymore, either. And yes, at times, rewrites can be just plain brutal.

Then come the edits. Even though I may be the grammar and punctuation nazi and an editor, I don't enjoy going over edits of my own books. By the time I've reached this point in the process, the book isn't fresh and new to me anymore, and chances are I'm finishing up something else altogether, so I'm having fun with that manuscript.

And to be honest, there have been times when I've been ready to flog someone

Linkity Link-Link

I'm still in major catch-up mode post-trip, so I've been a bit absent, but I thought it was high time I did a little housekeeping around here.

To start with, I'm very tardy in mentioning these two lovely ladies, but here we go:

A few months ago, I won two fun prizes from bloggers.

First, Rachelle from Rachelle Writes sent me a Mother's Day story from Story Time Felts. My youngest had a ball cutting the pictures out of the felt (I'm lazy like that and let her do it). Then we read the story together with the pictures. As we don't own a flannel board and I wasn't in the mood to make one, we used a couch cushion. She loved it, and she's played with the set off and on quite a bit on her own, even when I'm not around to read the story along with her. I think she's been making up her own stories as well. Rachelle has written several of the stories Story Time Felts produce. Check out their products here.

Second, I had a true stroke of luck when I won two pr…

Quiz Winners & Answers

I'm still in the process of re-entry after my trip.

I have lots and lots to report and post, but for today, it'll be just the winners to the quiz.

Oh, and to mention where I was and what I was doing while I was away—of which there will be much future bloggage, because it was just way too cool.

Back story: From 1984 to 1987, my parents presided over the Helsinki, Finland mission, so I lived there from the ages of 10 to 13. It was a hugely formative era for me in so many ways. I'll go into that more another time, but to be brief, two years ago, my parents were also called to be the first president and matron over the new temple in Helsinki.

Hubby and I went to visit them and the country during part of the maintenance closure (when they'd have time to spend with us!). We stayed long enough to attend the temple after it reopened.

The trip was amazing on so many levels. I really felt like I'd come home after 21 years.

Like I said, LOTS to report on that, not the least of whi…

A QUIZ . . . and PRIZES!

I’ll be absent from blogland for the next couple of weeks. When I get back, I’ll most definitely report on why I was away and what I was doing. (All I’ll say now is, again, woohoo!)

To keep you busy while I’m gone (stealing the idea from Novembrance, who just came out of her own bloggy break), here’s goofy a quiz about me. You’ll want to enter this one because of the fabulous prizes.

The Prizes:

The person who provides the most correct answers will receive the Pretty in Pink gift box from Utah Kernels, a division of Colorado Kernels. They're easily my favorite gourmet popcorn company.

The gift box includes all THREE of my favorite flavors: Chocolate Avalanche, River Bottom Crunch, and Cherry Cordial. Scary levels of deliciousness, people!

It’s worth $26.99 and will be delivered to your door.

The person with the most creative responses gets this T-shirt from my new favorite blogger, Seriously, So Blessed!

If you haven’t read this hysterically funny satire on the Mormon Mom blog, you’re mi…