Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Amazon's famous Prime Day events are huge for so many reasons, and for bookworms, it's even better: books aren't high-ticket items to begin with, so when they're on sale, and our book-buying budgets go farther, we get to PAR-TAY!

Here are some of book bargains for Prime Days October 13 & 14 that you won't want to miss: 

Books 99-cents for Prime Day:

Drops of Gold, by Sarah M. Eden

My Dearest Enemy, by Jennifer Moore

Not a Word, by Stephanie Black

The Gem Thief, by Sian Ann Bessey

A Guarded Heart, by Heidi Kimball

Wager for a Wife, by Karen Tuft


If Your Like Audio Books, You'll Love These

Apple AirPods: only $114! 

That's seriously cheap for AirPods, and if you're like every person I know who owns a pair (including my teen, who saved up her own money to buy a more expensive pair), you'll get a ton of use out of them, more than justifying this super low price. 


Echo Buds

These are Amazon's version of AirPods. They include Alexa, so you can tell your ear buds to play specific things. Ask questions, add things to your shopping list and calendar, and more. And for Prime Day they're only $79. 

Audible Trial Membership: FREE! 

Includes 1 book of your choice. (I suggest The Girl in Gray!) Plus, members get to listen to Audible-only podcasts, newspapers, and more.

Kindle Readers on Sale

They start at $59 and can hold thousands of books! 

The Paperwhite is $79 for Prime Day.

And I have the Oasis, which is a DREAM of a device. It's dropped in price dramatically to $199.

If you get a Kindle reader for Prime Day, you'll get a $5 ebook credit to go with it! Depending on how you spend it, that five bucks could get a few books!

That's one of the semi-secret joys of ebooks: you can buy SO MANY MORE because they're cheaper than DTBs (dead-tree books/paper books). 


Other Cool Stuff

Swhatty Cell Phone Stand Universal Tablet Dock

This is a super cool stand made of sturdy aluminum alloy. Adjust the angle and height. Use with any tablet or phone. 

The black one is just $12. Two other colors are available for $17.

Ring Video Doorbell

My parents have one of these, and I love that; they can see who is at their door before answering. $69 for Prime Day. 

Echo Studio

The highest-quality of devices in the Amazon Echo family. This one has amazing 3D sound with high-fidelity speakers. $149 for Prime Day, down from $199.


Echo Dot

I love, love, love our Echo. If you're looking for something with the same functionality as the big ones, and the amazing sound of the tall Echo isn't your primary concern, you'll want the Echo Dot, only $18! (DUUUDE.) 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Deals & Links ~ January 2020

Timeless Romance Anthology: Happily Ever After


The collection is just $1.99 through January 17th.

You'll get SIX romantic re-tellings of classic fairy tales, including one from New York Times bestseller Jessica Day George!


THREE Sarah M. Eden Novels on Sale! 

Don't miss this sale! Each of these three novels is on sale for just $1.99 each!

Buy Links: 

Timeless Western Anthology: Big Sky

Price drop! 

This collection of three romances in a modern-day Western setting, by Kimberly Krey, Cindy Roland Anderson, and Annette Lyon (me!) is a blast.

Previously $4.99, the collection is now just $2.99 (that's less than a hamburger!), and you can read it for FREE through Kindle Unlimited.

Get BIG SKY at the new low price of $2.99


The next Timeless Victorian Collection will be out on February 25th!

It features stories by Nichole Van, Esther Hatch, and Annette Lyon (me!)

***Always double check prices before purchase.***


Amazon's famous Prime Day events are huge for so many reasons, and for bookworms, it's even better: books aren't high-ticket ite...