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Blog Hop's Over!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Summer Splash blog hop!

Winners from my blog and all the others, including the grand prize winners, will be notified soon!

Blog Hop: Win Books & Other Prizes!

From  Friday, July 26 thru Monday, July 29, I'm part of a giant blog hop extravaganza, where you can hop around from the main Summer Splash Blog Hop site to enter to win a ton of awesome prizes, including e-books, paper books, Kindles, and much more! It begins and ends at midnight on those dates (EDT), so don't miss out.

1) Visit  every blog included in the hop, and you'll be entered into win one of 3 prizes, including big bundles of e-books and signed paperbacks. (2 copies of my grammar book will be awarded as part of the prizes!)

2) Spread the word about the hop on Twitter, using the hash tag #splashwithus for a chance to win one of these awesome prizes:
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (The one worth $269.00!)$100 Amazon gift card$50 Amazon gift card

You have 2 ways to win a copy of my soon-to-be-released contemporary romance, A Portrait for Toni. I'll choose 2 winners at random who do either of the following (or do both of the follow…

On Beauty, Dove, and the Lies Society Tells About Women

I'm getting all soap-boxy today. It's about a topic I've been thinking about for months, and it's finally come to a head.

You've all seen the Dove Real Beauty commercial, right? The one with the forensic artist? If not, here it is. Or watch it again to refresh your memory:

Many women's reaction to the video was powerful emotion. Some women cried at the message, which is captured in the tag line: "You're more beautiful than you think." Yes, I am, was the overwhelming response as thousands of women shared the video through social media.

Then came the backlash about whether the forensic artist was biased because he knew about the experiment, and how the majority of the women were Caucasian, and maybe that's the kind of beauty we're being told is somehow "real." Those arguments may or may not be valid.

It was a different response that make me sit up and pay attention: the one saying that outward appearance/beauty shouldn't be wha…