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From  Friday, July 26 thru Monday, July 29, I'm part of a giant blog hop extravaganza, where you can hop around from the main Summer Splash Blog Hop site to enter to win a ton of awesome prizes, including e-books, paper books, Kindles, and much more! It begins and ends at midnight on those dates (EDT), so don't miss out.


1) Visit  every blog included in the hop, and you'll be entered into win one of 3 prizes, including big bundles of e-books and signed paperbacks. (2 copies of my grammar book will be awarded as part of the prizes!)

2) Spread the word about the hop on Twitter, using the hash tag #splashwithus for a chance to win one of these awesome prizes:
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (The one worth $269.00!)
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • $50 Amazon gift card


You have 2 ways to win a copy of my soon-to-be-released contemporary romance, A Portrait for Toni. I'll choose 2 winners at random who do either of the following (or do both of the following for 2 chances to win!)

Win a Copy of Toni, Option 1
Visit the review I wrote for my grammar book on GoodReads (FIND IT HERE) then EMAIL ME the answer to the following question. Send the answer to annette (at) annettelyon (dot) com

The question: After reading my grammar book, how many points did my son's ACT English score go up the next time he took the test?

DO NOT leave the answer in the comments! This post will be on moderation, so if you comment with the answer, your comment will be deleted, and it won't count as an entry. 

Win a Copy of Toni, Option 2
Leave a comment on this post listing a grammar, usage, or punctuation rule that's either a pet peeve of yours or something you always have to check to not mess up.

(Remember, comment moderation will be on, so if your comment doesn't show up right away, don't sweat it. It WILL show up soon!)

That's it! TWO ways to win a copy of A Portrait for Toni here on my blog, and lots of chances to tweet and otherwise participate in the hop to win lots of other prizes. Some of the blogs have some really fun contests and activities; be sure to check them out!


Brooke said…
One grammar usage that I absolutely can't stand is "I seen. . ." One I couldn't get right for a long time and still have to think about every time I write it is a lot not a lot.
Jayme said…
I love the Oxford comma! I think it's always necessary! :)
Cheryl Bradshaw said…
Stopping in to say hello!
Valerie R said…
Appreciate your being part of the hop!! Always great to be able to meet new authors. ;)
smiles said…
My biggest pet peeve when reading a book is seeing "peaked my interest" somewhere in the story. I can let most other issues go (unless the story has too many, then I have to switch to something else). If I see that phrase used, I *always* message the author to let him or her know that the correct spelling is 'piqued' for the phrase. Drives me nuts.
Alan Tucker said…
Hopping through having a look at all the other authors' sites in the hop :-) Oh gosh, grammar pet peeves? I have so many! I think my worst though is how pervasive "text speak" has become in writing beyond phone text messages. Sometimes, if I see another "Ur" I think I'll punch my computer screen ;-)
MaryE said…
Can't stand it when people use "could of" instead of "could've." Sends chills down my spine!
TribalCat said…
Using "I" when you are the subject of a sentence vs. using "me" when you are the object of the sentence. Drives me nuts, and all of the news anchors are getting this wrong lately!
An Ordinary Mom said…
I love your writing so what a great opportunity to win a copy of your new book :) !!

One of my biggest grammar pet peeves? When people confuse the words "lose" and "loose" ... drives me batty!
savannah said…
Mine is kinda weird my hubby and I always argue over this.
I have to give you an examples to explain.

The boy had three toys a ball, a boat and a bear.
My hubby swears you have to put a comma after boat and before "and" I insist that you don't.
I know I sound crazy, but I would love to know who is right lol.
barbara stull said…
I am most often annoyed when people use your instead of you're. It is not a difficult thing to pay attention to! The contractions are there to help! :-)
Denise Z said…
Boy am I hoping to win that grammar book LOL I have emailed my answer to you. One of my biggest pet peeves is lay, lie, lying, laid - one thing I have to type often is a dictated sentence stating she lays in bed; I think is should be lies and never really feel I can find a straight answer. Thank you for participating in the fun.
Mel Comley said…
Fellow hopper dropping by. :-)
Cryscringle said…
I dread commas. I always make mistakes with those little buggers!

Thank you for the giveaway and I could definitely use your grammar books. Thank you for writing them. :)

craigcrystal (at) ymail (dot) com
I definitely detest when people use "wut" for "what" and "k" for "okay!" It drives me bonkers! Thank you for participating in the hop and for the awesome giveaway.
Valerie R said…
I think my pet peeve is the usage of the comma. Run on sentences that go nowhere or over describe.

Awesome that your part of the HOP. Thanks for taking the time to be part of it.

vals_hemi at yahoo dot com
Deb Nam-Krane said…
Hi Annette! Just stopping in to say hi and good luck with your hop!
Janice Hougland said…
Well, Annette, I chose Option #1 and e-mailed you. But I can honestly say that there are an awful lot of grammar misuses that get to me when I see them, especially in printed, published stories and newspapers! Neither Nor/Either Or, Affect/Effect, when to capitalize and when not to capitalize, etc. I think our American standards have really gone down with the last two generations. It's not taught like it was when I was in school. My own daughter got straight A's and when I read her English/Writing papers I was appalled at her spelling and grammar! Geez Louise. Anyway, thanks for participating in this Summer Splash Blog Hop!
Terry King said…
My pet peeve is words misspelled in anything. I have been watching the news, and see words misspelled, and I just want to throw my shoe at the television! Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop!
Ginger said…
The words I have the most problem with are lay and lie.
Sadie said…
It really bugs me when people use your when it's supposed to be you're. Even in texting... come on, thats the simplest rule out there!
Karlene said…
This is not a specific rule, but it's the Facebook thing. When people go to all the trouble to make those cute pictures with quotes, and then misplace an apostrophe or have some other punctuation/spelling error.

It's worse than fingernails on the chalkboard!
Holly Letson said…
I hate when people misspell common sense things.
Like they type "I one the prize." or "I went too town yesterday."
Shadow said…
Hi! I dont really have a pet peeve. At least, i dont think so. Hmm. I do hate it when people talk in all capitals. Drives me crazy. Thank you for participating in this awesome hop! Im having a blast! Thank you the fantastic giveaways too! :)
Cathy said…
It really bugs me when people misuse your, and you're. It's really not that hard people! :)
Eleni Papanou said…
Aloha! Thanks for hopping along with us! May your life and work be filled with love, imagination and inspiration!

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