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Three Cheers Elsewhere

There's nothing like speaking to a classroom full of second graders ready to take a test.

You walk in to hear cheers and clapping. Of course, it's because the test has been postponed until you leave, not because there's any acclaim for being a published author.

It all began with the last parent-teacher conference. My daughter begged me to tell her teacher that I'm an author and that I'd be willing to speak to the class. I'd spoken to her older siblings' classes before, and she thought that me doing the same for hers would be mucho cool.

After Mrs. M. told me that my cute little thing was tops in reading and a model student and all that jazz (of course she is--she's my daughter!), my little girl gave me this look that said, "Mom! Say something!"

So I sort of mentioned the whole author thing and said that if she's interested, I could come talk to her class. The teacher hemmed and hahed and said maybe. I heard nothing else for months, and figured…

Coming up for Air

I just hit SEND and emailed my latest rewrite to my editor!

I'm still in my PJ's. Hair's a mess. No make up. House is in shambles. My life has been this way for, oh, over a week now.

This was made possible, in part, by my sweet hubby who stayed home and helped keep my darling 4-year-old occupied and happy.

But I'm DONE.

For now. Of course, now I get to take a breath and get my life back in order just in time for the edits to hit. But for today I'm done, and my honey will be taking me out for dinner tonight to celebrate.


This week I'll also be speaking in my daughter's school class about writing. I'll probably leave out the part about trying to finish rewrites when you really should have showered six hours ago so your editor will get the manuscript before lunch like you promised.

This week I'll also post on Writing on the Wall, the editing blog I'm part of with the Precision Editing Group. (I'm assigned to Wednesdays, but the whole team is a…

History Tag

Being on deadline as I am, I wasn't planning on blogging again for a good week, but Tristi the Pixie decided on tagging me.

Being as these kinds of tags tend to go awfully fast and leave any blogging friends I know already tagged, I thought I'd better get mine done FAST and leave me to my rewrite. But frankly, these really are fun, and I learned a bit in the process.

Here we go for my HISTORY TAG.

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday without the year:

December 18

2. List 3 events that occurred that day:

1787 - New Jersey becomes the third state to ratify the United States Constitution.
(I include this because I love U.S. History.)

1892 - The first performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker is held at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.
(I include this because I love dance.)

1987 - Larry Wall releases the first version of the Perl programming language.
(I include this not because I have any real idea what Perl is beyond a computer programming language, but because…

Three Things I Am

I discovered recently, reading a fellow friend's blog I met here in blogland that I am a writer, a foodie, and a knitter.

In fact, it was the latter that first connected us. Who knew that confessions of a pre-teen knitting addiction psychosis would connect me with an LDS writer in New York?

How totally fun and random is THAT?

So in honor of the fact that I am a writer, a foodie, and a knitter, I am hereby blogging about all three:

1) I'm a writer.
Shocker, since I generally blog about that very topic. I am going to be pretty much chained to my computer because of item #1 this coming week because of my latest rewrite. My editor is brilliant. And she's right. I hate that. This should be interesting since it's also my children's spring break. I will be bribing them with pretty anything they want. Let's hope they don't read this and decide to exploit said fact.

2) I'm a foodie.
As one of the three founding sisters of the Utah Chocolate Show, also not a shocker. I…

Which Won?

Which beast won since last time, the creative juices or the nagging tradition of sewing my girls Easter dresses? As you can see below, the dresses won out. I couldn't tell my daughters that after eight years or so of making them something to march into church matching on Easter Sunday that I would fail them. (I had hinted as much once, and the horrified looks on their little faces about did me in.)

If you do the math, you can tell that I first made them dresses when my second daughter was oh, 8 months old and I wasn't even published yet. Life was much simpler then, as in, I wasn't ever ON DEADLINE.

Note that the "dresses" aren't dresses. They are jumpers (hence, no sleeves to fight with that add lots of time to the sewing process). They still, however, had zippers, which you cannot see, fortunately, because they are crooked. You also, fortunately, didn't see or hear me sewing them, because it was not a pretty sight.

The pattern called for three fancy stripes…

Dresses vs. Juices?

I'm so totally stoked!!!! The creative juices are SO back.

My next book (Manti Temple) has been hanging out in the wings refusing to come onto stage, and it's been one of those things I've been gently trying to coax out into the open and a bit scared that it just WON'T even show its cute little obnoxious, stubborn face. Drafting really hasn't been much of an issue, since really, I haven't had TIME to draft recently.

But frankly, when I've given drafting a thought, I've tried not to panic, because my story hasn't been there TO draft. It's been nowhere. My rewrites are turned in. I'm not on deadline. The conference is over. I asked my editor when I should expect the next set of editorial deadlines, and she said I could in her words "run free" for a few weeks.

In my terms, that means I should be drafting. So I turned my mind to the next book.

It's not there.

Oh, I've had glimpses of it. Little glimpses that show me it has promise. …