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WNW: Celebration

Before today's Word Nerd Wednesday, a couple of housekeeping items:
1) I haven't posted as much as usual lately, because I'm under the gun on several deadlines. (Among them: the edits for Paige, my book in the Newport Ladies Book Club! Yeehaw!) (Oh, and be sure to LIKE the Book Club Facebook page!)
2) When those deadlines are over, I'll have a busy week with the conference I attend and typically speak at every year. I'm teaching a table at the Publishing Primer workshop plus two classes. Which means busy, busy, busy.
These two items mean that I'll return to my regular posting schedule after that.

TODAY we look at words for happiness and celebration, because I got some great news this afternoon. (See below.)

Gala As in, the awesome place where I totally celebrated last May when I received a certain award.
Fete A lavish, often outdoor party. Sign me up!
Carnival This one's more for the kids. As long as there aren't huge crowds, I'm happy to show up.
Fest One of…