Thursday, September 04, 2008

A QUIZ . . . and PRIZES!

I’ll be absent from blogland for the next couple of weeks. When I get back, I’ll most definitely report on why I was away and what I was doing. (All I’ll say now is, again, woohoo!)

To keep you busy while I’m gone (stealing the idea from Novembrance, who just came out of her own bloggy break), here’s goofy a quiz about me. You’ll want to enter this one because of the fabulous prizes.

The Prizes:

The person who provides the most correct answers
will receive the Pretty in Pink gift box from Utah Kernels, a division of Colorado Kernels. They're easily my favorite gourmet popcorn company.

The gift box includes all THREE of my favorite flavors: Chocolate Avalanche, River Bottom Crunch, and Cherry Cordial. Scary levels of deliciousness, people!

It’s worth $26.99 and will be delivered to your door.

The person with the most creative responses gets this T-shirt from my new favorite blogger, Seriously, So Blessed!

If you haven’t read this hysterically funny satire on the Mormon Mom blog, you’re missing out . . . seriously!

Check it out. (Her e-store, too!) I dare you NOT to laugh as TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Nicole/Megan) recounts her amazing, exciting life with her adoring newly wed hubby JJWT, who’s in law/dental/medical/business school.

Be sure to watch the buzz she made recently on KSL news.

The "Fro-Yo" (frozen yogurt) shirt reads, "Like cocaine, but cheaper, legal, and not against the plan."

I already ordered a shirt for myself that says, "Want me to put it in Laman's terms for you?" (Perfect for the Grammar Nazi, no?)

Finally, link to this post on your own blog to be part of a prize drawing. The winner will get a 5-card bundle with their choice of Line upon Line greeting cards.

Click on the widget at the right to check out their site for all their cards. I had a riot reading them all and laughing my little head off. The ladies behind this company are brilliant.

Here are some of my favorite lines from their cards:

A baby card: "Congrats on adding to your Eternal Glory."

For Dad (something all moms can relate to):
Outside: "mom, I'm hungry" "mom, the baby's stinky" "mom, she's pinching me" etc.
Inside: I'm so glad when Daddy comes home. Glad as I can be!

For Newly weds (wanna get them blushing?):
Outside: Just Married
Inside: Now go multiply and replenish the Earth!

AND . . . because I'm in a good mood, I'll draw a second winner from those who link back. That person will receive one of my books, of their choice.

To be part of the drawing, sure to pass along your post's permalink either in the comments or by emailing it to the address below.

Answering the Quiz:
Many answers can be found in previous posts, so many long-time readers will likely know several. People who have known me personally for years will know a few more. A good number of answers are found in my 100th post. And others questions? You’ll just have to hazard a guess. :)

Answer in the comments or via e-mail: annette at annette lyon dot com

Also, if you haven’t entered the Her Good Name contest yet, be sure to drop by the contest page on my website to do that. I’ll be drawing the winner in October.

The Official "While I’m Away" Quiz

1. At the age of 12, I underwent:
A. Oral surgery
B. Cosmetic surgery
C. Tonsillectomy
D. 73 stitches in a gash on my leg

2. Which have I done in Utah?
A. Gone skiing at Sundance
B. Gone swimming in Lake Powell
C. Visited Timpanogos Cave
D. Scaled down the Robber’s Roost cliffs

3. All of these titles are books I loved as a child. Which inspired me to write my own stories?
A. A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle
B. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, by E. L. Konigsburg
C. The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary
D. Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery

4. Which of the following music groups do I not particularly care for?
A. The Mamas and the Papas
C. Simon and Garfunkle
D. The Eagles

5. I have performed in all of the following musicals except:
A. Fiddler on the Roof
B. The Sound of Music
C. Into the Woods
D. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

6. If I were to return to school for a master’s degree and didn’t study English literature or writing, what would I probably study instead?

7. I name cars, but I’ve never driven one called:
A. Harold
B. Arthur
C. Louise
D. Betty
E. Eleanor

8. At Olive Garden, I am most likely to order:
A. Chicken Fettuccine
B. Lasagna
C. Chicken Parmesan
D. Soup and Salad

9. Which salad dressing do I consider nasty?
A. Thousand Island
B. Honey Mustard
C. Bleu Cheese
D. Russian

10. Name one of my two favorite writing "toys." (Bonus if you can name both.)

11. What city did I live in until the age of four?

12. Two-part question, a point for each right answer:
With my children, I duplicated the family I grew up in.

1) What does that family look like? (Example: Boy, boy, girl, boy, girl.)

2) Where do I fit in?

13. We had lots of cats in my childhood home. Which name did NOT belong to one?
A. Muffin
B. Spears
C. George
D. Herman
E. Fiona

14. Which household chore do I hate?
A. Sweeping the kitchen
B. Vacuuming
C. Laundry
D. Toilets

15. I have NOT visited:
A. Stockholm
B. London
C. Nazareth
D. Frankfurt

16. Name my favorite L. M. Montgomery heroine.
A. Emily
B. Valancy
C. Anne
D. Rilla

17. I think I have cute:
A. Earlobes
B. Toes
C. Pinkie fingers
D. Knees

18. But I hate my:
A. Legs
B. Elbows
C. Cheeks
D. Nose

19. I almost never leave the house without:
A. Waterproof mascara
B. Almond-flavored lip gloss
C. Sunglasses
D. iPod

20. My husband and I met as ballroom team partners doing which dance?
A. Samba
B. Rumba
C. Cha-Cha
D. Paso Doble
E. Tango

21. In high school, I took two years of which language?
(Note: all of these were really offered.)
A. Russian
B. French
C. German
D. Japanese
E. Spanish

22. I have all of the following nationalities in my blood except for:
A. Norwegian
B. German
C. Swiss
D. Swedish

23. Which of the following classic writers do I enjoy reading? (In other words, which one do I NOT despise?)
A. Hemmingway
B. Steinbeck
C. Faulkner
D. Norris

24. Which did I learn to do first: knit or type?

25. My part-time job in college was:
A. Staff editor for Inscape, a student literary magazine
B. Secretary for the P.E. department
C. Server in the Sky Room restaurant
D. Tutor in the writing lab

Good luck, and I'll see you when I get back!

(Hope you have as much fun over the next two weeks as I will be!)


Luisa Perkins said...

Okay, YOUR quiz is WAY harder than any of mine have ever been! Throw me an "all of the above" bone, will ya?

I will rise to the challenge, however, and email you my answers over the weekend. I hope your trip is splendid!

Annette Lyon said...

Not even almost true, Luisa! Your last one was wicked hard. The majority of these can be found on the blog . . . somewhere!

Jami said...

OK, you're linked. I do not stand a chance in the most right answers department. I'll give some wild guesses, but the only one I know for sure is that you definitely have been to Switzerland.

Also I posted your lovely picture as well, but I can take it down if you want me to.

Have fun with your woo-hoo trip!

Elisa said...

Holy Cannoli Batman! Those are wicked hard! I want one of those shirts desperately... only because I am always referring to everything being like crack...

I will have to kick my funny button and see if I can't win because I made you laugh.

Have fun. On whatever it is your doing!

Julie Wright said...

Okay, yeah . . . I used to like to think that we were tight friends and all but yeah, Luisa's right. Yours is waaaaay harder than hers.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Oof. I'm going to make stuff up and email it to you. Whew!


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