Monday, January 15, 2007

Tower of . . . what?

Brief and rather odd observation this time . . .

I spent the evening cutting hair. First I cut my husband's hair, something I do more often now that his new job has a more strict dress code. Then I did minor trims on two of my daughters. Finally, my son got a cut as well. Okay, so everyone but one child got a haircut.

So far, so good.

Child #3, a rather curious, precocious, and very helpful little girl, often lurks with the broom as I snip, sweeping up around me. It's generally not that helpful in the long run, because more hair falls where she's just swept, and we end up cleaning the same spots as before when we're done.

This time, she was lurking, but not with the broom. Instead, she gathered hair samples from family members to compare colors.

I didn't think too much of it beyond thinking that we have a budding scientist or artist, perhaps.

The kidlets got ready for bed, we read scriptures and a chapter out of the current book, and ushered the little ones off to dreamland. Then I go into the kitchen.

And I find four tupperware-style plastic cups with their lids on, stacked in a tower on the kitchen table.

Each with their own hair inside.

I'm not sure whether to think I've got some secret genius on my hands or to be totally creeped out.

And do I dare ever use those plastic cups ever again?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm going with secret genius. Thanks for the laugh!


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