Monday, May 21, 2007

Cinderella Night

It all began last March with an e-mail from my sister Mel. The subject line:

"SORTA URGENT: With all your FREE TIME . . ." She knew I was in the middle of some major deadlines.

I actually wrote up the story how it all began for my writer friend's Jeff Savage's shared blog. You can read all about it here.

Basically, Mel is the kind of cheerleader every person should have in their life. She secretly wanted to nominate me in the Best of State organization under Fiction. That organization is highly respected in Utah, and over the years, I've noticed lots of big-time businesses touting that they had won in their respective categories: manufacturing, hotels, dining, science, etc.

I didn't know they had a fiction category until Mel e-mailed me saying that she wanted to nominate me and needed my help because I had the information she needed to do it right.

Late April the results were posted. My jaw dropped when I went to the Best of State site, scrolled down to Literary Arts and read my name. I sort of stared at it to be sure. I scrolled up and down and stared again in case some other name might appear instead of my own. But sure enough, there it was: Annette L. Lyon.

The big black tie awards gala was last Saturday night, May 19. I got all gussied up with my husband and BOTH of my two awesome sisters to celebrate the award. I felt like Cinderella for the night as I got the medal placed around my neck under the cameras and lights. About the only thing missing was the fairy godmother and the mice.

I was brought backstage and had my picture taken by a professional photographer. I was given a goodie bag (sort of like you hear they give out at the Oscars, only I'm sure on a much smaller scale . . .), and got to enjoy terrific evening of music and food and even my husband in a tux, something that hasn't happened since our wedding day.

It was all a bit surreal, and I'm still trying to digest it all. What does all this award mean for me? I hope it means big things for the future of my writing career.

I know I'm honored to have gotten it. I know I had a blast at the gala. I know have a beautiful medal.

And I know that for certain I'm going to do my best to live up to what the medal has engraved along its edge:

"Excelling and surpassing all else."


Michele Holmes said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful, well-deserved night. It's the stuff most of us only dream of. Congratulations for actually getting there!

Luisa Perkins said...

Okay, I'm in tears. Congratulations! How exciting!

I have to figure out how to drop your name in conversation now: "Yeah, I know this cool lady; she just won a medal...."

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You look nice. I recently read you article in LDS Living on eating right. I enjoyed it very much. Can you blog a little about your transition from novels to magazines. How do you query LDS Living magazine? How does it work? I appreciate it.

Annette Lyon said...

Thanks so much! It's nice to hear from a reader who read me in LDS Living and then found me in cyber space. I'll be sure to blog about my article writing soon. It's something I really enjoy in addition to fiction.

Anonymous said...


Congrats! You really are wonder woman! Oh, and I'm jealous about the shopping for 50 books! That must've been heaven!



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