My Visit at Mormon Woman

There's a relatively new site that is really neat. It's called Mormon Woman, but it's not for LDS women. It's for those outside our faith to get a glimpse into what real LDS women's lives are like.

Here's why I'm mentioning it: my own spotlight will be up tomorrow. Be sure to drop by there!

Mormon Woman was put together to combat the huge number of misconceptions out there. The founders hope that this site might be some people's first impression of Mormon women instead of something akin to the FLDS polygamous compounds and the women wearing pioneer garb and poofy hair (um, no . . . that's not us, and that's NOT my life or my beliefs!) or any of the many, many, other anti-Mormon sites that are so easy to land on.

Mormon Woman is a site geared toward non-LDS people to see, even just for a moment, what real Mormon women are like. The whole purpose is to just show the truth as to what we are instead of having our critics define us.

The majority of the participation they want from female Mormons isn't for networking or socializing with each other. There's nothing wrong with those things . . . there are just plenty of other places for that. (Like this one.)

Instead, Morman Woman wants individual testimonies and experiences. They want to show the differences and similarities of Mormons worldwide, to show how we stand together. To show the world that we aren't cultish or evil or even weird.

That we are strong, wonderful women with myriads of life experiences living in all kinds of situations. And that we believe in Jesus Christ just like other Christian women.

They'd like Mormon women to submit their talents, photos, essays, pictures of artwork (or quilting or cooking or other talents), videos, music, etc. etc. so the site can be a collective work that represents real, live Mormon women.

There are so many negative sites out there portraying us in negative and totally inaccurate ways. Maybe this site can make a dent in that impression. I hope so.

So come on over on Wednesday to see me!


Erin said…
What an interesting concept for a website! I'm on my way over...
Beth at Aunties said…
I am sure going to visit the site and send some of many wonderful non member blogging friends I have met, to visit it also. I email them and we have had wonderful conversations. I was even asked for a BOM and loved sendng it to her.:-) I have wanted them to see a sight like this. Thanks again for enlightening us!

amelia said…
What a great idea! I'll look for your post tomorrow.
Kristina P. said…
This is awesome!

I got a comment from a non-member reader the other day, where she said that she loved my blog because I wasn't a "fake Mormon."

I think that we need to disprove these myths!
Luisa Perkins said…
Very cool! I am excited about this.
Rachel Sue said…
I think this is an incredible idea. What a great way to introduce people to the gospel.
L.T. Elliot said…
This is an amazing idea. I love that there is a place for people to share their real selves and portray the real truth about being LDS. I hate feeling like I have to convince people I don't have horns or am the fifth wife before they start to understand who I really am. I'm just me, living a life that brings me the most happiness and peace. =]
Awesome website! I'ts a long-overdue idea. I just hope it will catch on to non-mormon people. I will be over tomorrow to read your post!
Josi said…
How very cool--can't see what your post will be!
Jo said…
The concept for the site sounds wonderful. I am going to be watching to see how it turns out!
I really like that idea. I will have to go check it out. It is frustrating to feel so misunderstood by so many people. Especially when by and large, we are so darn nice! Can't wait to see your profile . . .
Terresa said…
Congrats! What a great site, I love it already!
Mikki said…
Cool! I'll definitely stop by tomorrow and check it out!
Heatherlyn said…
What a great idea!

You know, I have an education, but can't just post a diploma. My real talent is this little family I'm raising. I don't think people consider that a talent. But it really is one thing that mormon women have in common with other women who have families.
Shauna said…
Hey Woman! Hope you are doing good :)
♥ HUGS ♥
Charlie Moore said…
Another great site for our non-LDS friends is It isn't an official church site, but the church does promote it for investigators and the like.

I'm checking Mormon Woman now.

Annette, thank you for this post, and to all of you for your enthusiasm. We hope you will join us in this effort. The more women who share glimpses of their thoughts and lives and faith, the more real and rich the site will be. And the more possible it will be for people who are searching on the internet to find more about Who We Are.

We also hope it can be a place for our friends who want to understand more about LDS life to feel safe asking questions. We have already had a little of that.

Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

p.s. Charlie, is a great recommendation. Just to clarify, *is* an official church website. :)

Thank you again, everyone!
Neat site.

What a powerful story you shared. Really nice to get to hear a testimony from you.
Kimberly said…
Sounds like a site that has the potential to be a really positive, online force!
Shauna said…
on my way over now...
Motherboard said…
I really like that website!

That was a wonderful article they did on you! I'm glad I know you!

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