Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Almost Here! Teen Conference Reminder

The final registration day for 2nd annual THE Teen Writers Conference is just around the corner: Tuesday, May 25th. (That's a week from TOMORROW.)

If you know a teen who wants to write, this is the place for them!

The Teen Writers Conference includes lots of workshops with published writers, including Janette Rallison (whose sales are just under a million copies now), Dan Wells (international best-seller and Whitney Award winner for Best Novel by a New Author), and many others (including yours truly).

For an all-day conference, it's dirt cheap: $43 for the full day, and that includes lunch. (Attendees are welcome to bring along snacks as well. They can also bring their own lunch and pay just $35 for registration.)

Why is the conference so cheap? Because the committee behind it considers this a labor of love. The cost is to cover basic expenses. We truly believe in giving teens the tools and skills to become successful writers and to follow their passions.

THE CONTEST: The conference also has a one-page contest for attendees that you don't want to miss out on. Getting judge feedback can be a huge step in the learning process, even if you don't win one of the FANTASTIC prizes we have in store.

So bring your teen to Weber State University in Ogden on Saturday, June 5th (AFTER registering by May 25th, right?). The campus is not far for most Utahns (and last year, we had teen attendees from Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and Colorado!).

New this year: A class especially for last-year attendees who will be no longer teens for 2011 and therefore are "graduating" to the big-time adult conferences. That class will address issues like: Were to do I go now? How to pursue my writing career?

Notes for parents: The authors will have their books for sale at the conference, and most will be at a discount. (Just a heads-up, because after hearing the speakers, I'm guessing some of your teens will want to get a book or two or three.)

Parents are NOT allowed to hang around the conference (that sorta hinders the teen-thing goals), but parents are invited to the final panel and contest award announcement at the end of the day.

For full information on registration, the contest, the full schedule, and more, visit THE Teen Writers Conference website.


Kristina P. said...

What a cool idea! I hope it's a big success.

Anonymous said...

I've recommended it to many a person! Hope it's the best year ever!

Julie Belnap said...

I'm going! I'm super excited for this. I'm going to go and talk to you and stuff. Your thing from last year was really inspiring, but I'm having trouble deciding who I should go and see for the workshops! Too bad James, Jeff, Jessica, and a bunch of other authors that were their aren't going to be their anymore. Oh well, time to meet new people!

Rachel Sue said...

I'm currently wishing that this existed when I was in high school. I so would have been there!


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