It's the end of summer, which, for a couple of weeks, has meant being very busy.

These weeks have included things like spending several days at various events for the LDS Booksellers Convention, where I got to handle the one existing copy of Chocolate Never Faileth (with strong instructions that I MUST return it . . . very hard to do!).

Also had a family camp-out with Grandpa during which we played silly games, fished, and had a great time (yay for my parents being HOME!). Then came a Lyon family reunion (yay for having ALL the Lyon siblings in the same state!) and getting ready for school (NOOOOOO! Please, no more money!).

Then there was random chaos of various levels, such as all the laundry from the trips, the AC breaking, and other loveliness.

Hence, I've had spotty Internet access at best and very little time.

And, hence, a 2-week bloggy absence.

I'm back, at least for today. And yes, it's Wednesday, but it's not Word Nerd Wednesday. My apologies. :)

Today, a list:
  • Yesterday was my day over at the AML blog. I remembered late into the afternoon, but the post did go up on my assigned day, the 17th, so it totally counts, even if I was sleep-deprived and rambled on about three or four different topics. Read it HERE.
  • One event during the LDS Booksellers Convention was author "speed-dating." Writers were paired together, giving 3-minute pitches of our books to 16 different tables filled with book buyers (store owners and the like). The best part: I was paired with Mary Jolley, author of The Green Diet. Mary began with scientific and scriptural evidence supporting the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet free of refined sugars and other bad stuff. Three minutes later, it was my turn: YO, CHOCOLATE, anyone? (As we left one table, an elderly gentleman patted the cookbook and said, "I'm on your side." I was surprised at how many people seemed genuinely interested in both books. Paradox, anyone?)
  • It could have been worse; we were paired by last name. Which means I got this close to being paired with Michael McClean. How can you possibly follow him around for 16 tables, maintain your confidence in presenting, or make a dent when he's speaking to table after table of rabid fans? I think I would have hyperventilated. (Side note: Later that week, he was inducted into the LDSBA hall of fame. Really cool moment. Totally deserved.)
  • Instead of book buyers, one of the tables had a camera, and we gave our spiels to it. You can see me yapping at the camera HERE. Seeing the clip afterward, I wanted to smack myself. Why I kept looking to my left is beyond me, but hey, at least I'm not talking at the speed of sound, the clip shows the cookbook itself, and I give a basic idea of what it's all about. It was filmed in the same room as the rest of the tables, with something like 150 other people talking nearby, during a loud rainstorm. Ergo, there's a lot of background noise. Consider it ambiance.
  • The companion DVD for the cookbook is about to be filmed. And here's a really fun bit of news: my good friend Sarah M. Eden gets to be my co-host! If we can keep ourselves from getting too slap-happy silly during filming, it should be a great DVD. We'll see how many recipes we can pack in 60 minutes. Several of the recipes that'll be on the DVD don't have photos in the book, so this is people's chance to see some of them. Should be fun!
  • Speaking of Sarah, our publisher is looking for reader help in selecting the title of her next novel. Participate in the survey by clicking HERE.
  • For now, that is all. Except that I need dessert and an ice cream sandwich is calling my name.


Kristina P. said…
That speed dating thing sounds like an interesting idea!
T said…
I'm just imagining listening to the chocolate pitch next to the veggie pitch...

My son (a vegetarian) says that the two are not mutually exclusive - since chocolate IS from a plant
Heffalump said…
I'm on your side too...

Sounds like a busy couple of weeks! Hope everything settles down and you can relax a bit soon!
Lara said…
I think the word Listocity must count for something on a Wednesday.

Love the speed pitching idea, and love the juxtaposition of your cookbook and the green eating book. :) And, strange as it is, I'm interested in both of them too...
LisAway said…
We're about to go break the bank on back to school stuff, too. Love that. And I love the video! I feel like I've finally met you! I cannot wait to get that cookbook!
Terresa said…
Author speed-dating sounds like fun! (I always learn something interesting when I stop by here, Annette!)

PS: Ice cream sandwiches sound divine!
Eating a green diet most of the time means no guilt when you get your chocolate fix. Perfect combination in my mind!

Can't wait to see the DVD of you and Sarah, it should be fun!
Jessica G. said…
My, you have been busy! The cookbook looks great...drooling already...
Sue said…
Boy, you've had a lot going on! Hope things go great with your new book!

Krista said…
I am so impressed by your pitch! As I watched I kept thinking, has she memorized this? But it didn't sound memorized. Very good job!

Wait, am I going to have to do that some day! Aak!
Rebecca said…
I'm with Heather! Both are great in my book!

You were charming in the clip. :) I can't wait to get your book!

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