Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Chocolate Day!

Today's is a mini post with just a couple of quick items:

1) Crash, one my of my favorite bloggers, whom I lub (as she would say), is going after a blogging gig. She needs our votes to get to the next stage. Vote for her HERE once a day.

2) Remember how I got to be part of the cool reenactment of the original Mormon Pioneer Trek via Twitter? SUCH a cool experience. The guys behind TwHistory are shooting to get $25,000 in funding to help create new reenactments, which are excellent educational tools. To get the funding, they have to be in the top 10 by Halloween. Today, they're #12. Please vote for them! (Again, you can vote once a day through the end of the month.)

3) In case you've missed my incessant shouting about it, TODAY is National Chocolate Day and my book launch party in Orem at The Chocolate Dessert Cafe.

The Daily Herald announced it HERE. (See me holding the cookbook and matching my kitchen . . . yes, the very kitchen every recipe was invented/tested/tweaked/enjoyed in.)

The deets:
  • 212 South State, Orem
  • 4:00-7:00 pm
  • The first 5 people get a FREE copy of the Chocolate Never Faileth companion DVD
  • Get a free caramel cupcake with each book purchase
  • Eat free mint fudge samples
  • Have me sign your book!
  • (Oh, and you get to meet my brilliant, handsome, taller-than-mom son. He'll be my sample helper tonight.)
Happy National Chocolate Day!


Sherri said...

Happiest Chocolatey Day of the year to you! Loved the article in the Herald and you are looking as good as ever. Wish I were in Utah today because I would be one of the first in line at your party. Hope you have a great day.

Susan Anderson said...

Happy launch!

(I would be second in line, behind Sherri...)


Anonymous said...

I wished so badly that I could have been there today but sadly, my car died in the driveway and I couldn't even get my kids to school on my own. =[ Anyway, just know that I was there in my heart and I'm so proud of you! (And really want your cookbook for myself!)

TisforTonya said...

hope all went super well!!! sounds like you managed to celebrate National Chocolate Day in the best way possible!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I can't believe I missed Chocolate Day! I had to work, and bake, and cook, and visit teach. Crazy day.

BUT. I did have some chocolate at the end of it. So it's not a total wash.

Hope the party was as fabulous as you are!

kbrebes said...

Cool! Good Luck!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You ROCK! Thanks for the shout out. I'm going to shout out your chocolate book signing too. And thanks for the donation. LUB YOU BACK!

Anonymous said...

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