Christmas and Our Troops

This is the first Christmas after the release of Band of Sisters, and the one where, in my story world, the soldiers would be home and celebrating their first Christmas with their families. Even though they exist only in my head, I find myself thinking about Brenda, Jessie, Nora, Kim, and Marianne and how they're doing right now.

So for my last post before Christmas, here's a little something to remember our troops by.

(I'm looking forward to buying more Flat Daddies for families in 2011. Donate with the button in the sidebar.)


Sadie said…
Thank you! I really enjoyed watching that. It put a smile on my face. I just blogged about on of our favorite Christmas traditions that includes our Flat daddy. Thanks so much again.
Lisa Loo said…
I always need a good reminder! I love how your characters live on in your head.....

I also enjoyed your post on "living" at Costco--and I'm not even a writer! What is up with that?!
L.T. Elliot said…
Your characters don't just live in your head. They live in mine all the time.

Thank you for the beautiful tribute. I know it means a lot. Merry Christmas, Annette.

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