Friday, March 04, 2011

National Grammar Day

I'm offline most of the day, but before I unplug, I wanted to point out for my fellow word nerds that today is National Grammar Day. (March fourth/forth. Hahahaaaa!)

As you can imagine, Grammar Girl is celebrating big time.

Visit her site to send a celebratory e-card to your "favorite language lover or language offender."

She's got got ten grammar myths, a writing contest, t-shirts, and much more. Visit her National Grammar Day post for all the fun.

Go to iTunes to buy her new song, "March Forth." You can even get the sheet music for it. Here's the song. Listen closely to the lyrics for full appreciation!


Lisa Loo said...

Just had to tell you that I went to Costco today and there was an author (T. Marie Benchley) that I had never heard of before but it reminded me of your posts from Costco.
So I put on a smile and went over to her table, chatted a little and had her sign me a book!
I wish it had been you and I hope the book is something I can make it through without blushing!

Rebecca said...

Whoohoo for Grammar Day! Thanks for sharing!

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