Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WNW: St. Patrick's Edition, Take 3

This one's as fun for geeks as it is for word nerds.

"A Biologist's St. Patrick's Day Song" explains the science behind alcohol, from how it's made to what it does in the body.

I may be Mormon (and thus don't drink), but I think the song is great fun (and educational!) nonetheless.

Give this guy a beer. Me? This Saturday, I'll be celebrating the holiday with some Irish soda bread, which I first tasted last St. Patrick's Day thanks to Sarah, who brought it to critique group.


Susan Anderson said...



Sarah M Eden said...

This year we're making a proper Irish brown bread instead of the soda bread. Both are very yum!

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!

Jessica G. said...

I know a bio-chemist of Irish heritage that will really enjoy this one. :)

Stephanie Black said...

Loved the link! I sent it to my biology-major daughter.

I think I'll do brown bread for St. Patrick's Day, since I just did soda bread.

Mark Hansen Dutch oven Bread said...

It's ironic that the irish soda bread is made with chemical leaven (the acid in buttermilk reacting with the basic soda), rather than the yeast he celebrates in the song!


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