Cover Real and More

Three announcements today, all of which I'm excited about!

First off, this Saturday (April 6) I will be signing books for the first time in six months. I'll be at the University Village Deseret Book in Orem during Ladies Night from 6 to 8 PM, signing copies of Coming Home. Signing with me is good friend and awesome novelist Sarah M. Eden. Please come!

Second, yesterday I was notified that I won Utah's Best of State medal for 2013 in Literary Arts for Fiction. I'm thrilled! Long-time readers will recognize the award, because I received it way back in 2007. To get it again, after writing totally different works, means a lot to me.

And finally, my expansion and major update to my grammar book is almost done! It'll be up for sale in both electronic and hard copy in time for the LDStorymakers conference, which is the first week of May. The word count is more than twice the original, with dozens of brand new entries and lots of expanded ones. The comma section alone is much longer, something readers have been asking for.

So: In celebration of being a month out from its release (and hey, to celebrate my award!), here's the brand new cover for the 2nd edition of There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd!


yay, so glad it's out!
I am TOTALLY smitten with the cover, and so thrilled that your talent and hard work are being recognized like this! Whoohoo!
T.J. said…
Yay for more There Their They're! Awesome cover too! Will it be available on Nook?
Annette Lyon said…
YES, absolutely, there will be an e-book version for Nook too!
Sue said…
Congrats on your Best of State medal! And I will look forward to the grammar book...


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