Monday, September 28, 2015

Chills, Thrills, Dinner, a Show, & Authors!

Historic Northampton House, built 1903, which appears in
"It's You," my novella from the All Hallows' Eve Collection.
I'm SO excited to share some exciting news that's been brewing for a few months. It began with a research trip I took around town, which led to my ghost story in the latest Timeless Romance Anthology collection, All Hallows' Eve.

My story in that collection, "It's You," was inspired by a building I drive by regularly: the Northampton House reception center. (If you're a Studio C fan, you may have seen it featured in their "Deal Breaker" music video.)

Several months ago, before I'd come up with my All Hallows' Eve story, I drove past the building at night and noticed an arched window lit up above the west-side door. I'd never noticed that particular window, even though I've driven past the building hundreds, if not thousands, of times. 

As I drove into the darkness, my imagination drifted into that magical place where ideas s how up, and I wondered: What if the light in that window wasn't from electricity, but from a GHOST?

Ooooh, the possibilities! 

The arched window where a ghost appears in "It's You."
I was graciously given a tour of the building, and sure enough, a significant part of my story ended up taking place inside. The window is part of the story, as is the room once used as a chapel. It has beautiful stained glass windows that show up in the story too. 

Stained glass window from inside the Somerset room.

Here's where things get really cool: 

Northampton House is throwing a murder-mystery dinner, and we want you to join us! 

Murder-Mystery Dinner 
at historic 
Northampton House
Tuesday, October 20
198 W 300 N American Fork, Utah

Guest Authors: 
Annette Lyon
Heather B. Moore
Sarah M. Eden
Jordan McCollum
Lisa Mangum
Josi S. Kilpack

6:00 PM 
Doors open to the public (FREE! NO TICKET required!)
Bookstore and author reception in the Somerset room, which is featured in "It's You."

7:00 PM
Delicious plated dinner and murder-mystery to solve, all in the Courtyard room, used for most of the Studio C video. 
Ticket required. Link below.

***Additional book signing to follow after the dinner & show.*** 

For the first time ever, the **paperback** of 
All Hallows' Eve will be available!

Come get yours and have it signed by the authors! 

Snag other books by the guest authors and even bring along any of their books you already own to get them signed as well.  

Look over the delicious menu options 
and get your tickets HERE.

Join us!

Eighties costumes welcome but not required.

(This is a change from the previous theme of 1920s.)

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Unknown said...

It looks like a fantastic dinner, but I am so sorry for the absence since I live far from the destination.


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