Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blame Josi

It wasn't that long ago that I had my 100th post and with it as many random things about me.

Now Josi has tagged me, and I'm to come up with ten more.

Let's see if I can think of something interesting that most readers don't know:

1) I've never skied in Utah, although I've lived here most of my life. I went skiing once in Finland with our youth group, but that's it. When it comes to winter sports, I'm a skating girl.

2) I always, always, always wear waterproof mascara and have never worn anything else. Ya never know when you're going to get something stuck in your eye, cry, or walk in the rain. Or through sprinklers. Or whatever.

3) The one Nintendo game I'm good at (or used to be) was Diddy Kong Racing. I used to play it with my son when he was younger as Mommy/son bonding time. I got pretty good. I pretty much suck at any other video games and have no desire to play them now anyway.

4) I learned to play chess by sitting on my dad's lap as he played with my brother, using this totally cool chess board my uncle made out of match sticks. The pieces were made from Plaster of Paris, I think, and had tiny details, including facial expressions. The king and queen were my favorites. Oh, and the rook. And the pawns. They were all cool.

5) I learned to ride a bike on a pink thing with a white banana seat and a flower basket on the front.

6) I have cute pinkie toes.

7) All of my children have the Lyon family upper lip. It's the most dominant gene I've ever seen. My mother-in-law has the lip, all six of her children have it, and every single grandchild has it (including the newest arrival, week-old Becca, who makes #15, I think). If there were no family members in the line-up, I could pick out my kids based entirely on pictures of their lips. Of their big toes, too. They also got that from Dad's side.

8) I grew up without white sugar, white flour, or a microwave. But plenty of chocolate.

9) As a kid I organized my bookshelves into a library, complete with call numbers and a check-out system.

10) I used to name cars. The one I drove in high school was Louise. In college I drove Betty. Dad's little red truck was Arthur, and Mom's car was Eleanor. One of these days I should get around to naming our 9-year-old mini van. If I ever name my hubby's truck, it'll have to be something like Phoenix, because that poor thing has died and come back to life after two bad accidents now. (What, is there a target on the tailgate that says, "Please rear-end me?")

Now for the tagging:

Lu Ann


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I love these kinds of memes. Number nine made me giggle, as I did the same thing. I remember being so sad because no one ever came to check any out.

Janette Rallison said...

You need to go skiing, girl! (And I'm with you on the waterproof mascara.)

Jenna said...

Thanks for tagging me! I played and had so much fun!

An Ordinary Mom said...

My little girl who is in first grade is having a blast with the medieval unit they are doing in school. They are learning to play chess.

Julie Wright said...

That was so much fun! I haven't ever been skiing either. I don't do cold weather!

Anonymous said...

so fun.
your pinky toe comment made me laugh.

way impressed about your library system when you were young. kathleen

Marcia Mickelson said...

Thanks for the tag, Annette. I finally posted mine.

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, fun randomness! I love it.


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