On the Bright Side

A head cold

+A sick little girl crying a good chunk of the night

+Almost no sleep

= I'd hoped that today I'd get to sit around in jammies, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot cocoa as I read a book and blew my nose all day and tried to recuperate.

Alas, it was not to be. Instead I ended up with two doctor appointments, a pharmacy trip, plus a very much needed grocery run. On slick, icy roads. (I like to look at snow, not drive in it.)

But . . . I came home with $185 worth of groceries for $83.11.

So, you know, that felt pretty good.

Now pardon me while I sneeze my head off . . .


Kristina P. said…
I'm sorry about being sick! This is such a fun time of year for that.

But congrats on the groceries! I need to find out your secret.
Erin said…
Moms don't have time to be sick! You still have to work. But good job on the grocery bill!
Heidi Ashworth said…
Oh bummer! Oh yay! Talk about a bipolar post. Or just a bipolar me. I certainly don't envy you your day but I love the grocery savings. Woo hoo! Maybe you can do the cocoa/fire thing tomorrow. We are actually maybe going to have some snow here in the SF bay area in the next couple of days! People will drive around like loons and there will be lots of accidents but won't it be grand?
Jan said…
This is sad news. Not now. Great job on the groceries. That is such a fun experience to watch the total keep going down. Irritates others in line though :)

Please take care.
Julie P said…
FEEL BETTER! Super excited for you on the groceries, though. That's awesome.
Lara said…
Hope you feel better soon! But good grocery deals are always awesome no matter how you feel.
Heffalump said…
Sometimes those small victories make the difference in a good or a bad day don't they?
I hope you feel better soon!
I feel your pain. I would love just to wrap a blanket around myself too and read a good book. Why can't these dang kids take care of us for a change?! :)

I'm envious of your grocery bill. That would brighten my day too!
wonder woman said…
I love seeing my tallies on groceries savings by the end of the year - I feel like I should get that money as a bonus check!

I hope those meds kick in you guys get to feeling better soon. Sorry you had to be out on such a WRETCHED road day.
Jenn said…
my comments...in order...

really sad
Oh, I hope.
Nope. Bummer.
bless you.
Josi said…
Maybe tomorrow :-) Good luck, I hope things start improving soon
Being sick sucks. Being sick and a mom, whole nutha level. Sorry 'bout the busy day but great job on the groceries.
Hope you get some time tomorrow to relax. Feel better soon.
LisAway said…
Running errands when you're sick is just no good. I hope you get feeling well soon!

And where do you shop!! (or was it coupons?) Good for you!
Cheryl said…
You are now hereafter and forever dubbed my new personal grocery shopper! But only if you want the job, of course. Which is doubtful. Sigh...

I hope you feel better! Take care of yourself and have fun on the couch for a few days. Or four. And no more errands until you are better!
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna
Tirzah said…
I'm sorry you're sick! Woo hoo on the groceries, though!
Jami said…
Alas is such a magnificient word!

Are you feeling better yet?

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