Romancing the Story, Eden Style

During my massive Whitney Awards finalist reading this year (so I could vote as a member of the academy), I fell in love with Sarah M. Eden's Seeking Persephone (a much-deserving finalist for Best Romance) and even though the copy I read was a borrowed one, I promptly bought one of my own. (I don't take my book-buying dollars lightly, so that tells you something.)

Set in Regency England, the book had fantastic characters, a complex plot with layers, wit, humor, and everything that makes a good story GREAT. I plan to buy more of her books soon. (I recommend doing so. Here's her website.)

What I didn't expect to discover later on is her riot of a personality. Before the LDStorymakers conference and the Whitney Gala, she and I ended up exchanging a few e-mails. It was a good thing I wasn't ever drinking anything when I opened her messages, because she had me laughing and snorting every time, and I would have been spewing drinks onto my computer screen. Sarah is an absolute riot, so I made sure to track her down and meet her in person at the Whitney Gala.

Recently she was asked to be the "opening act" at a writer's retreat, sort of a warm-up for attendees for the upcoming speakers. The theme of the retreat was "Romancing the Story."

What she came up with was a brilliant video. It might be funnier to writers than non-writers, but I'm thinking anyone who's ever read a book will laugh their heads off.

She sure "romances" the story. I'm guessing it's not quite what the retreat organizers meant, but I'm also guessing it got a lot of laughs.

Then again, Sarah herself is the first to admit she's not normal. She's a writer.




Melanie J said…
Now THAT is stinkin' hilarious!
Marsha Ward said…
We didn't put any limits on Sarah's presentation, and were very happy with it.
Cheri Chesley said…
Love it!!
Kristina P. said…
She is awesome!
Cynthia said…
Awesome! We were down at the Y book store the other day and I had to point out your book to the group I was with- so exciting!

I just want to thank you and all the writers who not only care about telling a good story but telling it WELL. I just read 'Sisters' by Danielle Steele. I picked it up at Costco because it was about 4 sisters (there are 5 girls in my family). I figured it would be a light read which was all I was up to post Swine Flu.

What a trainwreck! Unbelievable characters, TERRIBLE pacing (too slow on the boring parts, not enough build up to the few good ones). I muddled through because I'm a finisher but man, it was a poor, poor excuse for a book.

So, I've recommitted myself to reading well-written books because if I'm gonna commit my time and money, I don't want to feel like THAT at the end! Thanks for the referal. I'll look forward to reading her work.
L.T. Elliot said…
Very cute.
Becky said…
So funny! Thanks for introducing her through your blog. I am looking forward to reading some of her work.
Erin said…
I enjoyed watching that. And now I have some new books to put on my list to read!
Annette Lyon said…
One quick note about Sarah's books--they're self-published, which means she hasn't had the luxury of a professional copy editor to fix minor typos here and there.

But I (yes, me, the Grammar Nazi) am willing to overlook a couple of typos in favor of a well-told story that draws me in and makes me forget that the characters aren't real people. She's an awesome writer.

Just so you know going in. :)
Lara said…
Unfortunately, Joel took the speakers out of our computer so I can't listen, so there's not much point in watching.

I will however make sure to put her books on my to-read lists.
Amber Lynae said…
The video was cute and funny. I would have loved to be at the her session.
Fiauna said…
Okay. Now that was funny! I can see why she cracks you up. And you've sold me on her book as well. It will be next read.
Carolyn V. said…
I cried at the end. Poor rejected writer.

J/K Way funny!
Karlene said…
That was hilarious! And you don't need speakers.
Kimberly said…
That was the funniest thing I've seen in ages! She is such a hoot!
wonder woman said…
That's hilarious!

I saw a "flair" button the other day taht said "Mr. Darcy: Kicking Edward's sparkly butt since 1813." Now I love me some Twilight, but I thought that was hilarious!

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