So . . . Close. Help, Please.

So I entered a photo taken several years ago of my husband and one of our daughters into a contest for pictures of fathers. Winner gets a cool camera.

The finalists are voted on by the public. I'm close, but I need help to bump our picture up and win.

You can vote once a day through Sunday, so go back tomorrow, too!

To vote, write "I vote for Dad and Daughter" in the comments under the photo.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


TisforTonya said…
done :) (and sorry, I've been social media absent for weeks... and going to go off grid again for another few weeks here soon... ah summer...)
Sue said…
Just voted.

Good luck!

cute photo :) DONE :)
Caledonia Lass said…
I voted! Sorry I've been lurking in the shadows so much. But I am back in the blog ring so to speak and trying to gain more followers so I can have a giveaway... work work work! Have a great rest of the weekend. XD
Cynthia said…
I'll go vote. Good luck!
Connie said…
Just voted. Great picture. Hope you win!
Sherrie said…
I voted too! And I hope you win! Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
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