Month of Beauty

I've spent the last little while hopping over to one of my dear friend's blogs almost every day. She's spending four weeks focusing on the beauty in her life and letting those of us in cyberspace share it with her.

It's been a wonderful reminder to look at the beauty around me too. It's all too easy to forget to notice the small wonders in your life when you end up pulling an all-nighter like you did in college to meet yet another editorial deadline--but you no longer have that college brain or that college body that lets you pull out of such a marathon.

So I thought I'd point any blog readers I have toward my friend Emmelyn's blog so they can take a mini vacation during the day with her month of beauty right along with me.

It's been a good reminder to relish the hugs and kisses from my children, to notice the sweet things my husband does for me each day that could otherwise go unnoticed, and even to simply take a minute and look around and think, "You know, my life is pretty darn good."

Thanks for the reminder, Em!


Julie Wright said…
Thank YOU for the reminder too, Annette. I live a very rich life when I look at it big perspectively (is that a word?)
Anyway, thanks for sharing. And thanks for such a dynamite presentation at literacy night a few days ago. You always remind me how grateful I am that I have reading in my life.
Luisa Perkins said…
Yay! I'll go have a look.
Em said…
You're welcome, dear friend! Thank YOU - I'm so flattered to be mentioned on your blog!
Annette Lyon said…
Jules, thanks--and I have to say, right back at ya, because I never tire of hearing the talk about your dad and your seminary teacher. Luisa, while you're there, poke around a bit--I think you'll find some fun stuff there. And Em, you're so welcome--I love your blog, and you have so many great things on there I enjoy going back to reread. (I don't know how many times I've gone back just to watch that clip of Sir Ian!)
Luisa Perkins said…
Hey, Annette! I love the new photo!
Annette Lyon said…
Thanks, Luisa! Had to get a new one for the book anyway. Figured I'd throw one up here too. :)

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