Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"City of Influence" Has Arrived

Nearly four years ago, my long-time friend Sarah (who I recently talked about here) gave me a call and asked if I'd take a look at a book she was working on for her job. She was (and is) a director at Corporate Alliance, a pretty cool institution that connects businesses to one another to help them all succeed.

I didn't know that at the time. All I knew was that Sarah wanted me to take my red pen all over her manuscript. Which I did. The book was unlike anything I'd ever read before: A fun story that actually taught real, helpful business principles without being dry and putting me to sleep.

Better yet, the concepts were clear, applicable, and the story was witty and well-written. I still remember lots of important lessons I learned reading it.

It's a sort of a fantasy business parable. She once described the book as, "Harry Potter meets How to Make Friends and Influence People." As out there as that sounds, it's a pretty apt description. I know I learned a lot just editing the thing back in '04, and that was several versions ago.

Sarah has slaved over this book for a very long time. At long last (yay!), The City of Influence is in print.

Check it out in all its glory here.

Congratulations, Sarah!


Julie Wright said...

sounds like a book I would want to read!

Josi said...

Oh sweet--I'm gunna go look for it. And what a cool business to work for, I'll have to tell my hubby.

samiam said...

You are amazing Andie! Thank you!


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