I'm Baaaa-aaack . . .

At least, I'm back on some level.

I don't know how active I'll be bloggy-wise in the next few days. There's still the whole re-entry process to finish after mom has being away from the family for two and a half days, but I needed to post about the weekend.

Lots of fun today (saving the best for last):

When Hearts Conjoin, by Erin Herrin with my good friend Lu Ann Staheli, goes to Karlene Browning.

And Michele Paige Holmes's upcoming release, All the Stars in Heaven, goes to Tink.

Congratulations to both!

Be sure to e-mail me your mailing addresses so the authors can ship the prizes. (Tink, yours should arrive in July after the book is released.)

The 6th Annual LDStorymakers Conference rocked. Absolutely and totally. In addition to hanging out with LDStorymakers who are some of my best friends on the planet, I got to meet tons of bloggers I've known only virtually (and each was just as awesome in person!). I don't dare list them, because I just know I'll forget someone, but you all know who you are. It was great meeting and talking with you!

I had a great time in the workshop I taught, but then, I always have fun talking about grammar, usage, and punctuation. :)

Last year my camera languished in my bag the entire time. This year, my camera hung out in my hotel room the first day (I'm brilliant like that), and on the second day, I actually remembered to pull it out three times. Be impressed, people. I lifted one picture from Anne Bradshaw, so I have four here. (I look all pale and washed out in them all. Odd.) My husband took more pictures at the Whitney Gala (what a great awards ceremony!), and I'll post some of those later.

Me and dear Luisa from Novembrance. She's one of my oldest bloggy friends, and I've had the good fortune to meet her in person twice now. (Crud--how did I not get a picture with Kim?!)

This is me with Josi in the hall as I prepare to knock on agent and editor doors to keep the pitch sessions running on time.

With Melanie J. She was a ball to talk to and a great writer as well. I can say that because she was at my Boot Camp table and I got to read her work. It had me snorting with laughter several times. (Wish you could see her heels in this picture. They were awesome.)

Here I am in the bookstore with Janette Rallison and Elodia Strain. Apparently, I'm short. Even when wearing heels.

Articles about How Cool It all Was:
A reporter from Mormon Times hung out at the first day of Boot Camp and then ran this story about it. I was quoted, but it sure sounds weird out of context . . .

And then this one one came out after that about the Whitney Awards. The Whitneys were downright awesome. I got all weepy when Kerry Blair received her Lifetime Achievement Award . . . and then had to present an award right after that, so I had to pull myself together.

It was an exciting night. I got to meet some authors I've admired for the first time (Angela Hallstrom and Sarah M. Eden), although I couldn't find another one (Tanya Parker Mills . . . I wanted to meet her so bad!). I loved every minute of serving on the Whitney committee this year. It really was an honor.

Now for the Best Part: A Video!
While listening to Nickleback's song, "I Wanna Be a Rock Star," Heather Moore thought to herself, I don't want to be a rock star. I want to be a best seller.

Thus an idea was born. With some input from Crystal Leichty, Heather rewrote the lyrics. The two ladies then approached Stephanie Fowers, who's known for her wacky sense of humor and ability to make fun music videos.

Next thing we knew, Stephanie had recorded herself singing the song and several of the LDStorymakers had been roped into being filmed for the video. Including yours truly, pretty much making a fool of herself.

The video was shown at the conference on Saturday during lunch. Now it's available for the world to enjoy:


I saw those on Anne's and thought what a cute picture. What a great experience Annette.
Kristina P. said…
I'm glad you're back! And it looks like a fun, successful weekend!
Laura said…
I wish I could have been to the conference. I thought about that all day on Saturday, but I kept telling my husband... Next year, I have to go next year for sure.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.
Heffalump said…
Looks like you have been having a great time!
Lara said…
It looks like it was a great time! I did see that article in Mormon times.

The video is hilarious!
Summer said…
Welcome back!
Heatherlyn said…
It looks like it is great fun to have so many talented people together in one place!
LexiconLuvr said…
The video is awesome. I've had it in my head all weekend long. =]

It was so wonderful to meet you in person, Annette. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with me. I loved spending time with you. =] (And I'm dying for the Word Nerd book!)
Jennie said…
Cute video! Some writers certainly have a flair for a second career. Jules doesn't surprise me, I've always thought she has a fun, zany dramatic style, but some of the rest of you surprised me a bit. The gala was a lot of fun.
Don said…
The conference was great - it was wonderful to see everyone.

And I loved the video. I need to learn that head-bopping move - very cool.
Carolyn V. said…
Storymakers was awesome and it was so great to meet you! The video rocked (and yes, I had the song stuck in my head the night I was home trying to go to sleep). So much fun!
Josi said…
I'm so flattered to be in 2 of the 4 pics--I don't know how I ended up as the cover shot on the video though. Such a great weekend! Loved hangin with ya, Annette.
SO said…
That video is hilarious! I'll have to send it on to my friend. She's writing a book and trying to get published.

I'm glad you had a good weekend.
annie valentine said…
This was absolutely painful to read! I hate Dave Ramsey. It is his fault and his fault alone that I missed the conference.

Next year...
Becky said…
It looks like a fun, successful conference! Glad to have you back posting. And I like the new background :-).
Barbaloot said…
What a fun video---and weekend! I've seen you on so many blogs, and haven't stopped by until now and am glad I did!

Also, LOVE the title of your grammar book. Very clever:)(And I'm really nervous that there is a serious grammatical error somewhere in this comment now.)
Mina said…
That video rocked! I am glad you're back, Annette!
Melanie J said…
Oh, my gosh! Blogger ate my comment which was along the lines of Storymakers was AWESOME and I'm so glad I met you. More later...
Legoboyzmom said…
Annette, I'm so sorry I didn't meet up with you. Whenever I caught sight of you on Saturday during the Conference, you were either across the room (and I couldn't hobble over there fast enough) or on your way out the door (again, I never would have caught up with you, given my limping gait).

Then at the gala banquet, I was too sore to try and make the rounds, introducing myself. But it was a great conference (much better attended than I had expected) and the banquet dinner was wonderful.

I'll have to catch up with you next year when I'm in better shape.
Legoboyzmom said…
Okay, I did it again and accidentally left my comment using my other Google account. Just want to let you know the comment above was from me.

Tanya Parker Mills
Erin said…
What a fun (and funny) video!

I'm glad you are back. I'm glad you had such a fun time too.
Jenn said…
who's the indian? you guys must of had a ball making that video!
can't wait to see your recap
Welcome back(ish)-
be with your fam and then tell us more :)

It looks like it was tons of fun. I SO want to meet these ladies (all of you...including YOU :)

Get some rest!
Glad you're back at the same time I am.

Missed you too, lady. ;o)
Jo said…
Welcome home! I am sure you would have rather stayed at the conference. It sounds like you had a super time.

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