WNW: Celebration! It's HERE!

Finally! After a number of techno-delays, There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd  is officially available for order. Time to par-tay!

To order, visit the e-store by clicking on the pretty cover image on the sidebar. (The cover should show up on that page in a couple of days.)

Thanks to Tristi and Heather of the EO, who already ordered their copies!

For those who pre-ordered at the conference, I'll ship them to you just as soon as I have them in hand. Those lucky people don't have to pay for shipping. Booyah for them! Their copies are on the way to me as I type.

And of course, Lara and Mel will get their free copies as a thanks for their help coming up with the title.

No great WNW lesson today. I'm too excited to think along those lines. But if you really need a word nerd fix, check out Jordan McCollum's blog

She's an even bigger word nerd than I am, and I mean that as the highest possible compliment!

A recent post of her explained passive voice and debunked a peeve of mine: people claiming that "was -ing" verbs are passive. They are not passive. Thank you, Jordan for explaining that to people! (Seriously, if you like WNW-type stuff, check her out.)
I've been asked to guest blog (see, now that was passive) during May, a month she's focusing on verbs. (Get it? Verbs during MAY?! A verb? Hahahaa!) I hope I can do her justice. 

Jordan is an actual linguistics major. So . . . no pressure or anything. :) 

I've had the chance to meet her a couple of times now, and she's awesome.

Next Wednesday I'll be back in the saddle addressing Heatherlyn's questions: 
1) How do you handle punctuation (specifically question marks) with parentheses? 
2) Can you have parentheses within parentheses?

If you have grammar, usage, or punctuation questions (or peeves!), feel free to send them in. I keep a running list, so I may well use them on a WNW post and/or include them in a future edition of There, Their, They're.


Kimberly said…
$23 shipping to Canada! I don't doubt it's worth it but I think I'll hit up a friend in Washington to smuggle it for me . . .

Congratulations Annette!
Kristina P. said…
This is so awesome! Congrats!
Erin said…
How exciting! As soon as my fun money replenishes, I will order it! (Unfortunately, I've already used May and June's fun money, but I'm still excited to read the book.)
Luisa Perkins said…
Congratulations! I'm so impressed!
I definitely need a copy!

BTW, I sent Tower of Strength to Israel for my mom's Mother's Day. She was so excited. The shipping cost just a little more than the price of the book :)
LexiconLuvr said…
I can't wait for my copy!!! Hooray! I'll totally check out the other Word Nerd's blog. Just know that I'm completely faithful to you, Annette. Love Wednesday's as I do, I first followed over here because your voice spoke to me in a way I've waited a long time to hear. Thanks!
Jordan McCollum said…
Congratulations on the book, Annette! Glad it's finally come through.

And thank you so much for the endorsement! Holy cow, I almost fell off my chair when I read that!

And there's no need to be intimidated; I don't remember very much of my linguistics and have to look everything up repeatedly. Plus, I didn't learn a lot of these things in linguistics classes (surprise, surprise).

Thanks again!
I'm so excited. I'm totally going to buy this book. And I promise a review. The cover alone is amazing.

Hey thanks for all your support over at my diaries. I appreciate all the happy wishes on my week.

Congrats on your book! I can't wait to get it!
Sher said…
Awesome! I can't wait to read it!
Laurie LC Lewis said…
I need this! Oh, how I need this!
Lara said…
:) Exciting! And thanks for the link...I love posts like that!
Melanie J said…
Okay, here's a pet peeve that I've seen TWICE this week. No one's in the throws of anything. It's throes! THROES!

Oh, and is it noone or no one? It's gotta be no one, right?

And yeah, gotta isn't a real word.
heather said…
THAT looks like a book I'll be adding to my "to-buy" list.

I'm glad I stumbled on you! I hear/ and see your name just about every time I turn around!
Heatherlyn said…
Congratulations! That is so cool!
Barbaloot said…
See-another book out. I told you you were famous!
amelia said…
Oh my gosh, this is so cool Annette! I am putting this on my to-buy list too. I'm so excited for you!
Tink said…
Congrats Annette! You are moving up in the world!
An Ordinary Mom said…
Such fabulous news! Congrats!

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