Winner, Winner!

Quick announcement for the footrest winner, and then I have to get back to judging a contest for my local library. (Something I've been doing annually for six years now. Quite fun, I must say.)

I kept a clear list of every single entry on an Excel spreadsheet to make sure every single entry was accounted for (every comment, tweet, FB mention, blog post).

I used to pick the winner.

It picked: Entry #19: Mandy!

Yea, Mandy!

(I'm half tempted to go, "Oh, Mandy . . ." and start crooning like Barry Manilow, but that would date me, so I won't. Whoops.)

I've actually known Mandy for years, and because of our connections, it feels like we're related, even though we're not.

(No favoritism, I swear. It was all's doing. Not that I'm complaining. Yea, Mandy!)

Mandy, e-mail me your mailing address (I don't think I have it!) and your phone number (the company needs that for their accounts--I think I have your old one), and I'll get your footrest ordered.


Thanks to everyone who played!

I'll be sure to have something fun up for Word Nerd Wednesday this week, since I flaked last week.

Putting my judging hat back on . . .


Mandy said…
Yay me!! :) Thanks! I am SOOOOOO excited!!!
Mandy said…
Oh, and that cracks me up that you mentioned that song, I used to have it sung to me by a teacher in high school every time he saw me!
L.T. Elliot said…
Congratulations, Mandy!!
Congrats Mandy! Even though I was suppose to win...Darn that!
LOL! When you mentioned Barry Manilow I could hear his deep voice in my head.:) Anyway good luck judging...
Jillybean said…
Congratulations to Mandy!!

And wasn't it a little creepy to have your high school teacher sing that song to you?
Heidi Ashworth said…
Lucky Mandy (makes me want to croon, too and I'm way older than you!)
Carolyn V. said…
Woo Hoo Mandy! (I love that song, too.) =)
Lisa and Laura said…
Congrats Mandy! Now I've got the Manilow stuck in my head...
Jessica G. said…
Congrats to Mandy!

(and I'll try hard not to be a bad sport about it...but my feet are crying.)
Jo said…
Dang, I guess I have been punished for being behind in blog reading. C'est la vie!
Hooorah for Mandy. Congrats!
Jo said…
I am so sad I didn't get a chance to really chat with you yesterday!

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