Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I've totally slacked off. I'm aware. I apologize.

I had a way cool idea for a post for Monday. Didn't have time to write it, because I was doing things like, oh getting ready for things like that big holiday that's coming next week (oh, and tackling that pile that suddenly multiplied in the laundry room).

Monday night I spent time with my family making pulla, a sweet Finnish bread flavored with cardamom. It's something we've had in the house at Christmas since I was a little girl, and I make it every year with my kids. (To see what it looks like, here's a post from last year with a picture.)

Tuesday night I had a ball taking some pulla to a Relief Society activity in my parents' ward (the same one I grew up in!). The young women were invited, so my oldest daughter got to come, and my two sisters were there as well. After treats and talking (and getting shushed . . . we were seriously SHUSHED! Okay, fine. Luthy women tend to be loud) my mom spoke about some Finnish Christmas traditions. So no blogging Tuesday.

I had a great idea for a Word Nerd Wednesday. Instead of writing it, I spent the day finishing an edit for a friend that I should have (and would have) finished earlier if it hadn't been for that pesky (albeit totally awesome) thing called Thanksgiving and then all those great Christmas preparations and other things like dishes and laundry that keep me getting sidetracked.

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

The good news is that I've still been lurking, even if I haven't been commenting much. And I already have Friday's post written (good thing, because no WAY would I have time to get it done otherwise).

Oh, and today I was mentioned at the Frog Blog because I'm SUCH a nerd. Thanks, Stephanie! (I take these things as compliments.)

Talk about a random post.

To round out the randomness, I'll add one last bit: my getaway last week rocked. I got a ton of revisions done on my current WIP (that's "work in progress" for non-writer folk). I also finished reading one novel and started another.

Oh, and I had room service for dinner and breakfast. Never did that before. It was seriously fun. (Who cares if that chocolate milk shake was four bucks? It was delicious. Plus, I didn't make it or clean up after it, and someone brought it to me while I was in my pajamas.)

One more thing: Thursday is my debut on the AML blog. I'll link over in the morning.

I'm smelling popcorn. I'm going to find out who made it and eat some . . .


Anonymous said...

So happy to see you, Annette. And your word-nerdery makes you famous wherever you go. =] And that Pulla? It's very pretty!

Sherrie said...

Been missing you but glad to know you are enjoying the festivities the Christmas Holiday brings.

* said...

Love the bit about the novel reading & chocolate milk shakes. What book did you finish & which one did you start?

PS: I'm thinking of attending the LDStorymakers conf in April. Silly me, all along I thought it was just for LDS fiction & nonfiction writers!

Unknown said...

And I AM attending the conference in April, so we'll finally get to meet! I know, you're so excited you can hardly contain yourself.

I almost never comment on your WNW but you should know I'm a regular student. So I'll be looking for your next lesson!

(And I'm such a bad blogger, I pre-posted for December back in November, so I could finish my NaNo first draft and, yes, get ready for that big event in 9 days!)

Jenny P. said...

After the last two commitments to attend, I really wish I could say I was coming to the storymakers conference in April as well. Alas, I'm having a baby that month. BUT... I'm absolutely considering venturing outward for the Mormon Mommy Blog conference in May... so, all you awesome bloggers come there too!

Love your randomness Annette. I like random posts because I can imagine them being spoken. It makes me smile, and makes me think we would be wonderful friends if we met in person. :)

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Reading your posts is always such a delight!
Love your style.
Sounds like you are doing everything that needs to be done for that BIG upcoming holiday.
Hope you enjoyed the popcorn.

Melissa Cunningham said...

Have I told you how much I love your posts? Sorry I don't come over often enough. We had popcorn last night too!

Don said...

'Tis the season for blog slouching, I'm afraid. I'm amazed at just how quickly December can fill up and bog down!

And I wouldn't dream of missing LDStorymakers (since we're on the topic).

Kristina P. said...

I have a feeling there won't be a lot of blogging going on in the next week. Pulla sounds delicious!

Randi said...

I've been MIA from the blog world, too. But I just read through your last few posts and I wanted to say that I really do enjoy your blog even though I'm totally lurking right now.

Also popcorn --yum!

Kimberly Job said...

Sounds like the $4.00 milkshake was worth the memory and the progress. And you still blog more than I do. :)

Stephanie Black said...

Annette, it was definitely a compliment! And yum, pulla sounds so tasty! I'll have to suggest it to my husband--he loves baking bread.

Jessica G. said...

You are not allowed to have a life! Come on! I need some vicarious writer fixes and you're not blogging? How dare you.


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