A Wee Bit Sidetracked

I had an entire Word Nerd Wednesday post already written about metonymy (because I like funky literary gems like that, and they're so much fun to talk about).

But then something happened, and now I'm sidetracked, so metonymy will just have to wait until next week.

Instead of a regular WNW post, here are 5 pieces of information I want you to know:

1) First, last week's Nerdiversary book winner:

Congratulations to Countess Laurie, who Random.org selected as the winner of a copy of There, Their, They're!

(Click on the title to get your own copy! That's called blatant self-promotion! Stop me! I'm using excessive exclamation points, and I can't get up!)

Countess Laurie, send me your mailing address so I can ship your book to you!

2) The ladies over at LDS Women's Book Review are doing a countdown to Christmas by interviewing writers about their Christmas traditions and book lists. I got to be their first one yesterday. Read the post by clicking HERE.

3) Remember that All Is Bright is cheap ($4.95) and makes a great Christmas gift! Yippee! More blatant self-promotion and exclamation points!

4) I often publish articles with Desert Saints Magazine. My article this month is about giving gifts to the Savior during Christmastime.

I thought I'd link over to it, because the message is one I feel strongly about. Read it HERE.


5) All day yesterday, I waited for the announcement about a writing contest I'd entered, the C. Hope Clark Annual Essay Contest. She's the editor of the Funds for Writers newsletter, which has been listed in Writer's Digest for umpteen years now as one of the top 101 sites for writers.

This year's theme: Invisible Writing.

My essay: "The Invisible Writing Mother."

I tried not to get my hopes up, because I knew that the contest has been going for 8 years, and this year it got a record number of entries, something like 250. (I think last year was in the ballpark of 167.) Yeah. Okay, then. If I was really lucky and the planets aligned, I'd get an honorable mention.

The list of winners didn't get sent out until about 10:00 pm my time.

AND I TOOK FIRST PLACE. (Plus I get a nice cash award, too!)

Coincidentally, one of my daughters couldn't sleep last night, and she came upstairs from her bedroom just in time to hear Mom screaming like a banshee from the other side of the house.

Mom was kinda excited.

For those interested, I'll post the link to the winning essays just as soon as I get it.


Jordan said…
I think I've said this once or twice ;) but congrats! That's so awesome and I enjoyed your essay.

Oh how I love metonymy. Looking forward to your post (hope I'll be able to silently yell at a crit partner who gave such useful feedback as "buildings can't possess things" [even though they CAN, even without metonymy] and "radios can't talk.")

Off to read your article!
Hope Clark said…
Congrats again, Annette. After reading your blog, I see why you won. Love your enthusiasm AND your writing. Thanks for mentioning FundsforWriters on your post. Feel free to mention at the conference, on future blogs, etc. etc. (my OWN blatant self-promotion - LOL).

Seriously, you done good, girl.

Hope Clark
COngratulations! I only hope someday I can be a good writer like yourself...I definitely have the enthusuiasm like you so maybe I am halfway there already...

Are ya getting an extra special Christmas present for the kids with the money or are ya gonna spend it on yourself? Just curious.

I totally want a picture with you at the NEXT LDStorymaker's conference. YOU are AWESOME!!!
Jessica G. said…
I'm not embarrassed to admit that I got a little teary reading your article "Gifts for the Savior." It is something I frequently think about this time of year and wish I could be better. Excellent job!
Terresa said…
That's huge! Congrats! You have some very good things going on right now, so many blessings, and to share it with one of your daughters in the moment of winning, even better.

Now, how to spend your hard winned essay cash...If you need any ideas, lmk! ;)
amelia said…
Congrats girl! PLEASE post those the link to yours!
LisAway said…
Oh, but you're so very promotable, Annette! Congratulations on the win! I'm checking out your article now.
Kimberly said…
Winning may be a delightful surprise to you but to us it seems only natural. Congrats!
Meggen said…
Congratulations, Annette! That is so cool!
Luisa Perkins said…
I can't wait to read your fabulous essay!
Kristina P. said…
Annette, that is so exciting! Congrats!
Cynthia said…
That's A LOT of exciting news. Wow! Congratulations!
CountessLaurie said…
Wahoooo! THANKS!!! (How's that for exclamation over-use?) I am super excited!

My addy is on its way.
CountessLaurie said…
P.s. I was so excited I forgot to congratulate you! You must be super-excited too! What a great day!!
L.T. Elliot said…
I'm so happy for you Annette! Of course you'd win! I can't wait to read it. (I think it's awesome that your daughter got to see you celebrating!)
Sherrie said…
Wow! Congratulations. That is awesome news.
Carolyn V. said…
Sweet! Congrats Annette! Woo hoo!
Amanda D said…
I would have screamed like a banshee too! I'm so excited for you and winning. Congrats, again!

I REALLY wish that the Deseret Book was closer to me. It's a 45 minute drive so I never go there because I have no money. Hopefully, I'll get your Christmas one soon!
Amanda D said…
So, is Desert Saints Magazine an online only magazine or is it in print?
Erin said…
Oh my word that is fantastic!!! I will use up a few more exclamation points in your honor!!
Congratulations on the essay! It's gotta feel so nice to not only win something but to feel validated, patted on the back, a 'yes we love your stuff' sorta thrill! Way to go.

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