Today: A List

1) Five Whitney nominees to go. Three are THICK. I'm hoping to finish one of the thinner ones today. We shall see if I succeed . . .

2) I'm being loud and opinionated again over on the AML Blog.

3) Tonight my parents are coming over for FHE. Yay!

4) I'll be leaving in a few for lunch with Luisa, my favorite New Yorker and my first close bloggy friend. There will be much enjoyment of food and plenty of great conversation, I'm sure.

5) My chocolate cookbook has a title, but I can't reveal it yet. I've already mentioned this elsewhere (Twitter, FB), but for those who haven't heard, it'll be officially out in October. Frankly, I was a bit relieved they decided against May. Having TWO books released within two months of each other would have had me in a panic.

6) In theory, I should get a bunch done on a PEG edit today. Not sure if that's going to happen. Maybe if I stay up late.

7) I bought a new garbage can for the kitchen. This may not seem notable unless you know that our previous one was purchased right after the wedding . . . which was nearly 16 years ago. The poor thing lived a good, long life, but it's time to retire the poor (disgusting) thing. My kids were THRILLED to see it, which I found odd. Forget toys; I should buy new household products more often just to see their reactions. Maybe Santa will bring Windex for Christmas next year.


Kimberly said…
Sounds like a lot of good things happening in Lyon-land! Although those three thick books must be looking a bit much after all you've read. Hope they're completely enthralling and the time passes quickly!
Melanie J said…
I am super, super jealous that you're having lunch with Luisa. Did I read that right?
Kristina P. said…
Congrats on the new trashcan! 16 years is a very long time.
I read your post over at the AML blog, and I got a kick out the the fact that you unintentionally ended up with a message in your story. It reminded me of waaaay back when I was learning to play the piano, and having a really hard time with 6/8 timing. Couldn't get it. Around the same time, my teacher had asked me to write a piano solo. I did, and when I played it for her, she chuckled and asked me: what timing do you think this is? I had no idea, because it wouldn't fit into the 3/4 or 4/4 timings. It was giving me fits. It didn't occur to me that I had really actually a song in 6/8 timing! Needless to say, I immediately "got it" and now have not a problem playing 6/8 timing songs, ever!
Amber Lynae said…
I'm excited about both of your books, and the trash can. Ours is going on 7 years and the push peddle has been broken 6 1/2 of those year. Oh well. It is funny that the kids were excited about it.
Lara said…
I just bought a new pillow and my girls were having fits over it. Yeah, I say Windex for Christmas all the way!

Hopping over to AML now.

Have fun reading! :)
Cynthia said…
You have been busy! I'm already salivating over the chocolate cookbook. How did you not gain a ton of weight sampling recipes?
Luisa Perkins said…
Lunch was so wonderful! I'd be brokenhearted about leaving tomorrow if I weren't coming back again so soon.
Jessica G. said…
Looking forward to the cookbook!
(And I wish people would be as excited about having lunch with me...*pout*)
Sarah M Eden said…
When we moved, I intentionally got rid of our kitchen trash can so I would be forced to get a new one. SOOO glad I did.
Can't wait for the cookbook!
That Girl said…
My kids were more excited about my new pots and pans than I was.

What's with kids, anyway?!
MommyJ said…
Oh good grief. I email you asking you for help, and then I read this list?! Be a little busy, why don't you?!

And really... totally disregard my email!
Carolyn V. said…
Hee hee hee, I love the garbage can thing. I need a new one too.

I can't wait for your chocolate book! Can't wait, can't wait! ummmm...
Heffalump said…
My kids would have probably thought a new trash can was cool too. Our somewhat broken wedding trash can retired to the Laundry room where it collects lint and holey socks, and I don't even put a liner in it because nothing wet goes in there.
Good luck with your list! I wish I had three thick books waiting for me to read them!
Jillybean said…
Congratulations on the new trash can. Ours is about as old as yours.
Our kids would probably be just as excited if we got a new one too.

p.s. I like your new profile pic! You don't look quite as tall as in your last one ;0)
L.T. Elliot said…
I'm so happy for you! 2 books released not-so-far-away! One to delight the senses and another to delight my taste buds! What's better than that?
Rachel Sue said…
It surprises me sometimes about what my kids get really excited about.

"Is that a new lamp?"


Who knew?
Rachelle said…
ha, ha! Loved this. A new garbage can would excite me too. I'm thrilled about your chocolate cookbook, too.
Terresa said…
New garbage cans seem small things, but really can be quite uplifting. We chucked out old one last year and the thrill of a new one, was, well, just that, a thrill!
I've had my eye on a new garbage can for a few weeks now. I spied the perfect one over at Bed, Bath and Beyond before Christmas (and had I had an extra set of arms to carry it out of the store that day, I wouldn't still be wanting it), but have been up to my ears in writing. However, you've inspired me. This Saturday, I'm canning the old one for the newer, metallic model.

By the way, you are certainly getting quite the reaction over on the AML Blog. I say, stand your ground and don't name names! (I may even venture over there to say so.)
Lists just make my little heart sing. I love lists.

It's so fun that your parents are home and close to get to come over and play with your family. I bet you still think that a few times while they're there right? (Did you like that they're there?? I know it didnt sound fabulous but it was spelled right. Haha.)

Which reminds me. I had a job interview about 2 weeks ago where the interviewer literally asked me how to spell 'their' correctly given his exmaple. I gotta admit the first thing that ran through my mind was the cover of your book!
Tristi said…
Wow - that discussion on the AML blog was rather interesting. You go, girl! Stick to your guns!

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