Share the Launch Love

It's almost here!

Sarah M. Eden, Julie Coulter Bellon, and I are revving up for Friday's Triple Book Launch Party!

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Deseret Book at University Village
(East of University Mall in Orem)

Get ready for a bunch of great door prizes. (They'll be announced here soon. We've got a bunch of awesome stuff!) Friday will be a ball.

Whether you love Regency Romance, Thrillers with lots of suspense (and a little romance thrown in!), or women's fiction (or know someone who does!), you won't want to miss this event.

But WAIT! There's more for YOU.
We want to spread the word about the launch as far and as wide as possible.

Welcome to the "Share the Launch Love" drawing!

The more YOU do to spread the word, the better your chances of winning. (I'm totally not above bribery.)

An entire FOUR-BOOK set of my temple books: House on the Hill, At the Journey's End, Spires of Stone, and Tower of Strength.

(That's a value of over $60.00!)

TWO runners-up will get a copy of my grammar book, There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd.

Be sure to leave a comment FOR EACH SEPARATE THING YOU DO so I have a fighting chance of keeping track of the entries.

-TWO ENTRIES: Put the Triple Book Launch Party button on your side bar. (The image is at the top over on my sidebar. Just copy and paste it to your blog). You must also LINK the button to the event's Facebook page:

HOW-TO UPDATE: For Blogger users, simply copy the image and add it to a picture gadget. There's a spot in the dialog box where you can add a URL to link the picture to. Copy and paste the FB link above, then save.

-THREE ENTRIES: Blog about the launch party, including date, time, location, and name all three authors involved, including links to all three authors (author websites or blogs).

-TWO ENTRIES: First you must do the blog post (above). In that post, include all three book covers featured at the launch. (Courting Miss Lancaster, Dangerous Connections, and Band of Sisters).

Here are the covers, just to make things really easy for you:

-ONE TO FIVE ENTRIES: Tweet the event. (Include a link to your tweet in your comment.) Receive an additional entry each time you tweet the launch (maximum once a day) between now and Friday. (Leave a comment each time, with a link for each tweet.)

-ONE ENTRY: Mention the launch party in your Facebook status or news feed. (Include a link in your comment.)

-ONE ENTRY: Follow The Lyon's Tale. (If you're already a follower, just say so in a comment; an immediate entry!)

-ONE ENTRY: Follow me on Twitter.

-ONE ENTRY: Become my fan on Facebook (use the nifty Facebook fan badge in the sidebar).

-ONE ENTRY: Follow Sarah M. Eden's blog.

-ONE ENTRY: Follow Julie Bellon on Twitter.

-ONE TO THREE ENTRIES: Link back to THIS POST (not just my blog; use the permalink) and share it via Facebook, Twitter, on in a blog post (the same blog post as above works!).

(It would also be awesome if readers would invite their Wasatch Front-living friends to attend. If they're on Facebook, go to the event page and click on "share." I have no idea how to track invitations like that, but we'd sure appreciate it!)

Drawing ENDS Friday, March 12 at 4:00 pm Mountain Time.

Winners will be announced after the launch (and, quite possibly, a long nap).


Ready . . . go!

(Hope to see you Friday!)


Jessica G. said…
Woot! Free books! (And can you put the html for the clickable image? It's been way too long since my last web design class...)
Jessica G. said…
I'm already a follower.
Jessica G. said…
I also fallow Sarah M. Eden (which is how I know about you being the topic of INFF - were those your pink books in her picture?).
Luisa Perkins said…
Fun! Great prizes! Wish I could be there.
Krista said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krista said…
Just shared on FB with link (1)!
Krista said…
Oops, something is up with the comment thing. Not trying to cheat! But I did post the button and link to FB event (2).
Krista said…
Blogged the launch(this is fun!) (3)
Krista said…
Posted the book covers (2)!
Krista said…
Tweeted event w/ link! (1)
Krista said…
I'm a follower! (1)
Krista said…
I'm a Twitter follower, too! (1)
This really is a fun contest, Annette.
Krista said…
I became your FB fan. This is starting to feel a little stalker-ish. Oh well, want the books! (1)
Krista said…
I follow Sarah M. Eden's blog. Everyone should. (1)
Krista said…
I am now following Julie Bellon on Twitter. (1)
Krista said…
Okay, I linked back to this post from my blog, Twitter, and FB. (1) Whew! Thanks for the chance to win your books and have my face plastered all over your comments section. Yay contests! Yay books!
Taffy said…
I posted on FB
Taffy said…
I posted your contest on my blog:
Taffy said…
I also posted all three books and authors.
Taffy said…
I twitted! (love that word)
Taffy said…
I am now a follower
Taffy said…
I am a fan on FB
Taffy said…
I follow you on Twitter
Taffy said…
I follow Sarah
Taffy said…
And I follow Julie!
I posted the launch party button.
I blogged about this contest. i remembered to add all of the information.
When I blogged I also posted all of the book covers.
I am follower of Lyon's tale!
I am a follower of Sarah M. Eden's blog.
Kimberly said…
I'm a blog follower, twitter follower (have tweeted this once already), facebook fan, and I'm putting a button in my sidebar.

AND I'm bringing you chocolate next month so that surely must count for something...
L.T. Elliot said…
Tweeted event

Facebooked event

Follow Lyon’s Tale

Follow you on Twitter

Already your fan on FB (and everywhere else too!)

Follow Sarah’s blog

Follow Julie on Twitter

Linked to this post in the FB and Twitter

Sorry I didn't do individual comments for this. ;)
I Shared your link with my own comments on Facebook.
I'm already a follower. :)
I already follow you on twitter.
I am your fan on Facebook.
You ROCK Annette!
I started to follow a fellow MMB contributor--Sarah Eden. *Psst, yeah that's right I'm a contributor to MMB now. YAHOO!
Just shared this link on FB.
Gee Louise. I hope I win.
Here's to hoping I guess!
Also shared this specific link on Twitter. Hope i did not repeat an entry thus far! There are a TON of entries. More opportunity for ME to WIN...Maybe. *hopefully*

The glass is half full.

The glass is half full.

I also linked to the event page on my sidebar and invited some of my friends in Wasatch friends to go to your event.

Whew! I'm tired now.

That was fun. But i agree somewhat stalkerish. :)
Tracie said…
I followed your blog! =)
Tracie said…
I followed you on twitter! =)

Yup. Today is a NEW day.
I tweeted this event AGAIN.
New day, new tweet until the book launch is OVER of course. :)

If you hadn't figured it out by now--I'm a Twitter dork of UBER montrosity.
*Does that even make sense?* :)
Kim said…
I posted the button on my side bar.
Kim said…
I blogged about it.
Kim said…
I included pictures of the covers.
Kim said…
Mentioned it in FB status.
Kim said…
I follow the Lyon's Tale.
Kim said…
I'm a fan on FB.
Kim said…
And finally, for a total of 11 entries, I follow Sarah's blog.
Jessica G. said…
Finally got the image up and linked on my blog!
+2 I have the image/linked to my side bar
+3 I blogged about it
+2 I added the images to my blog post
+1 I tweeted today
This comment has been removed by the author.
+1 I facebooked!/profile.php?id=100000400241110&ref=nf
I follow your blog
+1 I follow you on twitter
+1 I'm a fan on facebook
+1 I tweeted about this post.
Don said…
I had a dream the other night where I sat down in a theater to watch the movie Band of Sisters.

It could happen.

Best of luck to you on the book launch. Sometimes I really wish I lived closer to the action.
Erin said…
I just blogged about it, but my pregnant brain makes me too tired to do all the things you asked! I'm sorry! But hopefully people will click over to the Facebook page anyway. I just wanted to let you know I care, even though I haven't been around much lately.
Krista said…
Tweet tweet!
Shanda said…
Oh, how I wish I could go! Hubby will be flying back home just about then. It sounds like so much fun! Good luck to all three of you- I'm sure you'll have a blast!
Cheri Chesley said…
I'm now following Sara's blog. And I'm bringing my mom to the book launch.
She's not on FB, so I can't invite her that way :)
Cheri Chesley said…
And I posted about it on FB with a link back to your blog.
Pendragon said…
Oh my.
I posted to my blog about your launch before i even read about this drawing. You're really going all out! Very sweet. :)

Okay, so: Blog post (though i need to go back back and add another link)
Pendragon said…
+1 and i followed you on your blog just before i saw this too. lol
Pendragon said…
...and on facebook (1) i don't have a tweeter yet.
Pendragon said…
mentioned you on my facebook status... again, before i noticed this :D
Pendragon said…
i already linked to this post too. hehehehe.
Pendragon said…
+2 all three images added to the blog post :)
I also tweeted AGAIN about this event/book launch.
Once a day until Friday--Right?

Can you share Facebook it more than once too?

Plus I blogged about this post +3 I think, AND I posted all of the covers of the books in this post. +2

Wow, my head is spinning now.
I hope I did this right.

I can't wait until LDSstorymakers AND Casual Blogger conference. I am going to both conferences. Yippee!

It has to be said, You and all these authors are AWESOME.

I wish I was going to be in Orem this weekend. *sigh*
This comment has been removed by the author.

Another FB link announcement.

Honestly i hope you are NOT getting too sick of me.


You and all these authors are awesome.

Yeah just awesome.
Here's my other FB announcement/link from the other day. Monday i believe.

Ok. That's it for today.

GO me. :)
Kimberly Job said…
I would love all your books, and plan to attend the launch party.

3 - blogged
2 - Included covers in blog post
2 - Tweeted the event twice
1 - Mentioned on facebook
1 - Following The Lyon's Tale
1 - Follow you on Twitter
1 - Fan on Facebook
1 - I follow Sarah's blog
1 - I follow Julie on Twitter

13 Entries!!
brandy c said…

brandyj1121 @ hotmail dot com
brandy c said…
twitter folloer: bcorona09

brandyj1121 @ hotmail dot com
brandy c said…
i follow sarah's blog

brandyj1121 @ hotmail dot com
brandy c said…
i follow julie bellon on twitter: bcorona09

brandyj1121 @ hotmail dot com

Yup. I'm back. Another day, another tweet.
You are rocking out at 83 comments! Whoah! You have a TON of comments. Thank goodness for right?

Please oh please let me be picked!
The more times I enter, maybe I am bound to win something.


Cause you have to sign something of mine for LDStorymaker's right?
Why not one of these lovely books??
Yup, It's me AGAIN.
Hello lovely lady author friend of mine.

I just posted yet another FB announcement. I hope my friends aren't getting sick of me telling them all about it.


It is worth it if I can just win.


The cup is half full.

The cop is half full.

Even if I don't win, it will be ok. Cause I so have about 40 dollars of gift cards from Deseret Books...

But shhh. don't tell anybody. K?

Krista said…
Tweet tweet!
I tweeted again today!
Tweeted it
Posted and linked on Facebook.!/heather.justesen?ref=nf
I'm following Sarah's blog.
I'm wondering how on earth I made it this far without being a follower of your blog--I check it all the time! Now it's official!
I already follow you on Twitter.
I'm already your Facebook fan.
I'm following Julie on Twitter.
Jordan McCollum said…
I already follow you on Twitter.
Jordan McCollum said…
I'm following your blog.
Jordan McCollum said…
Jordan McCollum said…
I'm your fan on the book of the face!

(word verification: cophat. Cooool.)
Jordan McCollum said…
I'm following Julie on Twitter
Jordan McCollum said…
Facebookt (how very English of me, I know):!/jordan.mccollum?v=feed&story_fbid=730089348109&ref=mf
Jordan McCollum said…
I'm following Sarah's blog
Jordan McCollum said…
And, finally, I blogged about the book launch, using all three book covers and linking to this post, too, so that's six entries here.
Tweet! Tweet!

It ends today? Right?
Hope you have a FABULOUS time tonight. If I lived closer, I would so be there for you right now!!!!

All registered for LDSstorymakers as of TODAY!
SEE U there!!!!

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