Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Go for Launch: Door Prizes Galore!

If you weren't excited for the Triple Book Launch Party YET . . . you will be after reading this post.

Here are some of door prizes we have in store for those who attend:

Pendragon's Book Binding
The nearly lost art (truly an art!) of hand-bound books is alive and well at Pendragon's Book Binding. Their work is stunning, high-quality, and costs about half what similar companies typically charge.

One winner gets a hardbound journal, 8.5" X 5.5" with 160 sheets (320 writing pages). The actual journal made especially for the launch party is pictured below: hand-sewn binding with red butterfly paper and a black suede spine!

They have a ton of choices for cover styles (fabric, paper, photos, soon even leather) and you can have the book blank or have them print your own book inside for a family heirloom.

Retail value: Through other channels, about $40. Through Pendragon's, $20.

Pendragon's Book Binding is run by a husband and wife team, and they do all the work right at their home, sewing and hand binding journals, projects, manuscripts and anything else that might include paper and two covers. Everything is customizable. They're in the process of completing their website and will soon be hosting their own Grand Opening Contest Giveaway among their Facebook followers. (Become a Facebook fan HERE.)

Lola's Lovelies
Just as the name suggests, Lola's Lovelies has lovely, hand-made hair accessories.

Door Prizes: TWO skinny wrapped headbands with decorative flowers on the side: one purple. the other blue! Both have been specially made just for the launch party and our readers.

Visit her blog for more "hair lovelies" HERE.

Two Julie Coulter Bellon Gift Baskets
Two winners will get to benefit from this one. Julie Bellon is putting together two fun gift baskets:

A Book Lover's Basket


A Movie Night Basket.

(If only I could rig the drawings and win one of those!)

Two of My Books

One winner will receive copies of both Lost Without You and At the Water's Edge, my first two books, which are out of print and therefore hard to find (but will soon be available on the Amazon Kindle!).

Meg Hall Photography
One winner will get a free family photography sitting, along with a disc of the images and a copyright release letter so you can make as many copies of any photo you like.

Visit Meg Hall Photography to see more of her awesome work!

Heimdahl & Son Soaps
We have THREE cool products for GUYS, using all-natural products and fragrances (essential oils, for example. Not the fake stuff). Whether we give them all out together or separately is yet to be determined: Lemon soap, Bay Rum aftershave (which I hear smells just right: not too strong or weak and is oh so good), and a shaving bar. They're all packaged and sealed with wax in the company's trademark wooden containers. Become of a fan on Facebook HERE.

Walls of Wisdom Home
This great company can customize any vinyl lettering project just for you.

(One of my personal favorites says, "A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.")

They're offering a several prizes:

One winner will receive $20 gift certificate for anything on the Walls of Wisdom Home site.

SEVERAL OTHER winners will receive vinyl lettering ready to put on a wall with awesome quotes about reading and books.

Visit Walls of Wisdom Home to see more of their products.


Dippidee $25.00 Gift Certificate
This is a bakery of my own heart. The Dippidee tagline is "Place of Sweet Surprises," and it couldn't be more true. I've loved everything I've ever tasted from them, and their cakes are gorgeous! (Really, go check out their website!)

ONE person will be the lucky winner of a Dippidee gift card. (Attached to a Dippidee treat! Mmmm . . .)


My FAVORITE gourmet popcorn company, Colorado Kernels (located in Orem) is donating TWENTY-FOUR mini bags for door prizes. Holy smokes, it'll be all I can do not to rip into them myself.

(Their Chocolate Cherry Cordial is divine. As is their Chocolate Avalanche, and their . . . oh, man. I'd better stop before I drive over there.)

Just trust me on this one. You want to win one of their bags! Go ahead and salivate over their flavors HERE.

Convinced yet? Hope so! We have more prizes in the works; these are the ones we have confirmed so far.

So please come . . . and spread the word!

(Remember, if you help let others know about the launch party, you could win BOOKS! See this post for details.)


Cheri Chesley said...

I'm definitely coming (kids in tow) AND I'm bringing my mom! :)

Pendragon Inman said...

Wow! How you put that made ME want to go buy a book--and i'm the binder! LOL Thanks for all the compliments :) (blush)

And those are some really cool giveaways!! All of them. How exciting. I hope everything goes well on Friday.

Jessica G. said...

I plan on being there...provided my husband gets home from work in time.

Cranberryfries said...

I've shuffled a few things around just so I can make it. :) Hoping to bring along some friends too. Can't wait!

Sarah M Eden said...

You've convinced me, Annette. I'm so totally coming now!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I was going to be there before hand but now, I just won't miss it!

Carolyn V. said...

Sweet! Those are a ton of give aways!

Susan said...

Looks awesome, Annette! I will see you Friday, I hope!


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