Briefly out of Hiding

Checking in really quickly in the middle of my month of insanity. (So weird to not be blogging regularly. I feel rather cut off from part of the world . . .)

Just had to drop a note to say thanks to the great English 195 class I got to speak to today at BYU. You guys were awesome. Your enthusiasm was contagious, and you made me feel welcome.

(One of the student aides graduated from my high school. Yay for T-bird English majors!)

I felt like a college student again and had to remind myself constantly that it's been awhile, that I'm more than twice the age of incoming freshman, and that my son could be here in three years.

THREE. (I hesitate to ponder too long on that freaky fact.)

One story I shared with the class is something I posted here awhile back about the myth of English being a fluffy major and of Dr. Cracroft's awesomeness about it. (Read that post HERE.)

Eng 195 students: Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I'd love to help!

(And Dana, follow your dreams . . . both of them!)


Cynthia said…
You know you're an 'adult' when you have a moment like that to go back to your alma mater as a mentor/ guest lecturer. VERY cool experience! I may get to do that later this year and I'm quite excited about it!
Kimberly said…
What a neat experience!

Happy Nano-ing!
T said…
I will not grow old. I will not grow old...

yeah, not working for me either.

thanks for the update - but back to NanoWriMo for you :) (hmmm... did I transpose those letters there?)
Sue said…
That really sounds like fun. Pretty cool to go back and experience something from the other side.

kbrebes said…
Great experience!
Sher said…
Was it a little weird to be on the other side of the class, instead in a seat being taught?

I've been trying to start getting back into the swing of blogging, but I've been out of it so long, I think people have permanently removed me from their readers.
Camille said…
You have a son going to college in 3 years? That would be weird - especially when you look to be in your late 20's!
Annette Lyon said…
Yeah, my cheeks throw people off. When I'm 66 and look young for my age, it'll rock, I tell ya. For now? Not so much. :)
DeNae said…
Are you still NaNo-ing? I'm doing my best, by which I mean I actually ended up with 200 FEWER words today than I started with. It does beg the question, "DeNae, do you actually understand the premise behind the 50K word challenge?"

And I've got 3 kids in college, although technically one is also a senior in high school. Honestly, Annette, you blink twice...

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