Tuesday, November 09, 2010

For Mom, Who Is Not on Facebook

Taking a tiny break from my chaotic editing/proofing/NaNoWriMo schedule to post the television segment that aired like a week ago.

I put it on my Facebook page. Mom's not on Facebook, so for her sake, here it is again (especially because I mention her in the clip . . .).

The two main segments are on the Channel 2 site, but my husband compiled every teaser and clip that I was on.

Another note: Thursday is Veteran's Day! In honor of the holiday, Channel 2's Fresh Living morning show is having me on to talk about Band of Sisters and the Flat Daddy program.

(I know; when it rains, it pours! Never thought I'd do 2 TV segments for the same station in the same month but for different books!)

Fresh Living
KUTV Channel 2
Thursday, November 11
10:00 AM

And now the kitchen segment with Chef Bryan Woolley:


wendy said...

Oh my goodness...that is so totally awesome. I'd be so nervous to be on tv.

Susan Anderson said...

You look totally lovely, poised, and confident!

Nice job, Annette.


NorahS said...

Thanks! I'm not on facebook either.

LisAway said...

"Like" :)

Blue said...

that was so nice to have the whole thing compiled and in one spot! thanks. and i just realized while watching it who your book would be the perfect gift for...someone that i definitely have to give a gift to this christmas. hope it's still at costco...i'll check today! :-)


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