A Turkey Story

For your Thanksgiving reading enjoyment, and with permission from my second grader, here is a story she wrote for class.

Spelling and punctuation hers, although I've clarified a couple of words in brackets. (She got help spelling "unconscious" from a student teacher. I was stunned to see it spelled right at first.)

Turkey Trouble

Once apon a time there was a tacky turkey named Jill. Jill lived on a farm. Her Grandma told her all about Thanksgiving. Jill didn't believe her, because fore ten years the farmer had not eatan turkey. Sence she was a tacky turkey she made the farmer laugh. Until one year when the farmer got annoyed. He got so annoyd that he wanted to eat her!

So she ran and while she was runing she hit her head on a rock and lost her memory and for a fyow [few] minutes she was unconscious. When she woke up she found herself on the counter and the farmer was rite next to her. The farmer was holding a very sharp and shiny thing.

It was very close to her neck so she jumped of the counter and ran out side and she hit her had agen and she remembered every thing! She looked behind her and saw the farmer running after her!

She found some cordbord [cardboard] and some spray paint. So Jill folded here and sprayed there and by the time she was done she had made a berel [barrel] and she jumped into it and the farmer went rite paste [past] her. While the farmer wasn't looking she ran away and she lived happily ever after!


Krista said…
"Jill folded here and sprayed there"

Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Just SO said…
That is fabulous!
Jillybean said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jillybean said…
Awesome story!
I think your daughter deserves some pie!
Lisa Loo said…
My Thanksgiving has definitely been enhanced! Thanks for sharing :0)
Jessica G. said…
Is this the general outline for her first novel? :)
kbrebes said…
Great story! What a cutie pie!
Annette Lyon said…
I think she's the cutest and smartest 2nd grader alive, but I might be a tad biased. :D
Sue said…
Clever girl!

myimaginaryblog said…
Pretty good story, but the bit where he lost and then regained his memory from blows to the head is pretty cliche, and also not medically accurate. You might want to point that out to her.

(I am of course completely kidding. The story's adorable.)
L.T. Elliot said…
Wow! She's a BRILLIANT second grader! My third graders won't write a story that long. =] What a smartie!
Mel said…
Allie . . . this is one of the funnest things I've read in a long time!!! You probably hear this a lot (and don't even need to be told!)--but I hope you keep writing!

Love you,

Aunt mel
wendy said…
how cute, she is following in her mothers footsteps.......a writer for sure.
I love the story telling from the children.
Kim Coates said…
That is such a great story. I love it! I especially love the spelling errors. It gives it so much more personality!

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