LUNCH! & Quote #3

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be treated to a wonderful lunch (with an ice cream sundae bigger than the meal itself! Hmm, yeah) by none other than my blogger friend Luisa. She and I "cyber-met" something like eight months ago . . . ish . . . and I found her to be a terrific kindred spirit and wonderful person.

Chatting over lunch with her did not disappoint, and all too soon, I had to say good-bye to relieve the babysitter. Luisa is just as delightful in person as on the computer screen. (And yes, she looks strikingly like that darling childhood picture of herself on her profile!) I hope I get to see her again soon. Maybe I can find some excuse to fly to New York . . .

In the meantime, I'm having a ball with pulling quotes from Spires of Stone. I thought I'd let Ben keep going. He was one of the most fun (and talkative) characters I've ever had walking around in my brain. As I wrote the book, I'd bust out laughing at some of his shenanigans. He cracked me up. (It's no use saying I wrote his lines; he wrote them himself.) Sometimes even now I'll hear a phrase or a joke and think, "That's something Ben would appreciate/do/think/say."

Here's today's installment, from chapter 6:

"Some things are up to fate—or a certain female who shall remain nameless. If she acts up, I must defend myself. And you'll still owe me."


Julie Wright said…
How much fun! I was able to "meet" Luisa through your blog and I think she's awesome too! I'm glad you had fun in person as well. And I'm having a ball reading your quotes from Spires of Stone!

Glad you got to enjoy a lunch with a friend you met via blogging. I have gained a number of friends that way myself and am slowly coming to treasure them.

And I absolute love Ben! You did a great job with his character, his wit and his humor.
Jenna said…
Is THAT where she's been? Utah? I've been wondering... Isn't she just the best? I'll tell ya, I treasure her above most everything in my life. Glad you finally got to meet her in person.
Josi said…
I thought she was in southern Utah? I'm not paying very much attention. But I love her too--we could all form a fan club :-)
Luisa Perkins said…
Lunch was terrific! I'm starting the East Coast chapter of the Annette Lyon fan club, complete with enshrined autographed copy of Lost Without You....

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