Friday, September 21, 2007

Buzz, buzz, buzz

I've been spending a few weeks now at a really fun social networking site. It's different than Facebook or MySpace, and I'm really enjoying it. Yes, you have a profile, but there's so much more, from your site blog to your regular blog to photos to podcasts, and the ingenious rating system.

I've found people I never in a million years would have before (including a completely awesome Brit gal living in Finland. (I KNOW! It's like my second home. What are the chances?)

I'm chilling with several other writers as well, some published, some not. Some in my market, some not.

But there are communities for everyone, whether you're in business, electronics, sports, art, or want to classify yourself as a mom or dad. You get to visit other profiles, read their stuff, and vote for how great you think it is. Others do the same for you, which is one major element in determining your "buzz rank," which in turn helps other people find you and see how truly amazing you are. :)

(You can see my buzz ranking on the sidebar widget there--right now I'm #2 in Fiction. Whoop, whoop.)

While the site,, is in beta (and therefore not open to the public yet), I still have some invites I can send out for those interested.

Even better, the Women's group is wide open. You don't even NEED an invite to get there. Just click here. My blogging buddy Brillig has a goal for the Women's group to reach 100 members by the end of today (that's Friday, September 21). Since she helped point a few writers toward my community to help it grow, I'm returning the favor.

So here's the deal: If you're female and interested in being part of the Cre8buzz Women's community, go to the link and sign up. Note that you can always switch your profile to another community down the road if you decide you'd rather be in Moms, Photography, Running, or, well, WRITERS.

And if you'd like an invite directly from me, let me know! That means guys, too, who well, can't use the link. :)


Heather Moore said...

Thanks for the reminder, Annette! I just signed up.

Autumn Ables said...

I think it's awesome that you are #2 over at cre8buzz. Good job!

Even though you are a real person, mommy and all that...I have you on a pedestal. You're a wonderful example and inspiration to me. Thanks!

Karlene said...

Thanks for the tip. I joined.

Rebecca said...

HI Annette - I'm enjoying it at cre8buzz too. It's similar to myspace but has a much more grown-up feel to it. (and is much smaller and cosier as least for now)

Nice to 'meet' you!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I'd love an invite Annette. Thanks

Annette Lyon said...

Ajoy, All I can say is that you've never seen my kitchen floor or inside of my minivan. I assure you I am pathetically human. :) But thanks anyway!

Stephanie, I'll send an invite your way!

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Congrats on your rank! That's awesome.

Is it too late for me to ask for an invite? Josi Kilpack told me a little about you today, so I looked up your site, and well . . . Thanks, if it's possible.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

I don't know what the problem is, but I can't find your contact info on your web page--part of it's blocked out, maybe that's why. Anyway, here's my e-mail address.

Luisa Perkins said...

Off-topic: I updated my post today to include transcriptions of those excerpts from my 1981 journal. Yikes. Entertainment value = Quite High.

James Dashner said...

I'm not female, but I'll have you know I'm on there anyway. Boo-yah!

It's pretty cool. Though there is a definite slant toward women. Sexist pigs.

Annette, love ya! Thanks for all the nice comments you left on my blog.

Dapoppins said...

You really are a sweetheart aren't you! (((HUG))) I never did post about this...cause I am lazy. I am glad you did.


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