I'm on TV!

Or, I will be.

Tomorrow (Friday, September 14) I get to have a little fun in front of the camera. Randi from Park City TV is having me come on their Mountain Morning Show to talk about Spires of Stone.

I'll be on at 8:30 am (Mountain Daylight Time).

For those not in the Park City area, you can still "tune in" on-online through live streaming on their website. From the home page, just click on "Watch Now."

Exciting stuff!

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to wear . . .


Luisa Perkins said…
I can't wait! So cool, you famous lady!
Anne Bradshaw said…
What a thrilling experience, Annette! I'm going to tune in for sure.
An Ordinary Mom said…
Wow! Very exciting stuff, indeed! Good luck!
Jenna said…
Way cool! Don't scratch or rub your nose on camera!
Annette Lyon said…
I don't *think* I rubbed my nose. :) Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! It was fun, and I think I did okay.
Amber said…
Back when I worked in the ski industry, I was a regular on Park City TV. Of course I was never able to see/record my appearances but in the end, that was probably a good thing. :-)

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