Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Made My Day

I'm probably not supposed to know this, but I found out, and so I'm excited and all that.

I'm officially in the running for a Whitney Award this year.

That doesn't even mean I'm officially on the ballot, but to me it's something to celebrate nonetheless. What it does mean is that at least five people liked Spires of Stone enough to nominate it for the award, so the book is officially on the list for consideration by the Whitney committee. I'm assuming I've been nominated under the Historical Fiction category. (And I'm up against stiff competition. I'm sure my good friend--and excellent writer--H. B. Moore will be nominated too, among several other authors.)

The folks on the committee get to read every single book that gets at least five nominations, and they decide on the finalists that go onto the ballot. Then the Academy, comprised of industry professionals (editors, bookstore owners, etc.) get to vote.

It's nice to imagine getting a Whitney at the big gala (held this coming March 22nd, immediately following the 5th Annual LDStorymakers Writers Conference). But regardless of whether I get one, it's exciting to realize that there were several readers out there already, only a month or whatever out from its release, who thought it worthy of the honor.


To put the cherry on top, I got an email from a reader just the other day:

You really should put a warning on the front of this book that is bright and can't be missed. It should say "Warning!!! Do NOT Start after 8pm." You see I started it last night at 8 pm and could not put it down! Therefore I was up until 4:30 a.m. Warn me next time!!! My mother and I really enjoyed Spires of Stone. We usually enjoy your books but you out did yourself.

Ya know, I'm half tempted to make a cross stitch of that one and hang it on the wall.

So Sara, I'll be shooting you off a personal e-mail soon, but if you happen to stumble on this here, THANK YOU for making my day!

In the meantime, if you've read a great book by an LDS author (written for the LDS or the national market) that was published in 2007, be sure to visit the Whitney Awards website to nominate it. I have a couple in mind that I'll be nominating for sure.


Unknown said...

Great blog, Annette. And great reader comment. There's a treat award waiting for you on my blog today. Go grab one and enjoy!

Tamra Norton said...

How exciting, Annette--way to write! :) I can't wait for the writer's conference and the Whitney Awards event!

Josi said...

Note to self: Do not change genre's to Historical Fiction--you'll never stand a chance.

Way to go, Annette.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that email would have made my day, too - and to learn you're nominated for a Whitney, too!! Fabulous! Congrats!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Luisa Perkins said...

Congratulations! It's very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

hi annette:
way happy for you. glad to see your day got better than the recent uggh. congrats on the nomination. and it is beautiful how a compliment/a letter like this can lift your day and your spirits better than anything else. thanks for calling me such a sweetie for you made me smile.

deep breaths, don't forget, ha. you are cool.

blessings, kathleen

Unknown said...

Annette - congratulations on the Whitney Award nominations. That's very cool in and of itself.

Finished Spires of Stone last week and absolutely loved it. Great job.


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