Monday, November 05, 2007

Grace Period

I'm crying "uncle" on my current writing challenge.

Realistically, there is no way I'll reach 95,000 words by Wednesday.

Several factors played into this, among them the fact that I'm not just drafting scenes anymore, but filling gaps, smoothing over sections, and sometimes deleting sections that no longer work. Just this morning I ended up cutting 500 words belonging to a brief scene that I now see doesn't need to be there at all.

Ironically, that's still progress. We're in the shaping and molding phase of this book now, which means that sometimes the total word count decreases before it goes back up again. But I've been working--really, I have--and consider it quite an accomplishment to have numbers officially assigned to SIXTEEN chapters. (If you know how totally spastic I write, that's impressive.)

Compound that with the fact that I think I'm coming down with a bug. Just sitting at the computer hurts.

Oh, the joys.

The upshot is that I'm giving myself a bit of a break. On the other hand, I really do need this puppy done soon in order to have time to get feedback from my priceless critique group and do necessary revisions.

Therefore, I'm revising the challenge (it's my challenge; I'm allowed): I'm giving myself until Saturday night (that's November 10th) to finish drafting this thing.

If I manage that, I'll have to treat myself to a long bath, a day of reading, or an ice cream sundae.

Update, 8:40 pm:
I now have chapters 1-19 labeled and several scenes fixed and working. Unfortunately, my net word count for the day is negative 180--the reason I'm not updating my word count on the side bar. When I have a word count higher than what's there, I'll add it.

Onward and upward!


Michele Holmes said...

Right there with ya, Annette. It's that final cutting, rearranging and molding that makes for a great book. Feel better soon.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I think you should get the bath and the sundae. You deserve it.

Karlene said...

You mean, long bath, a day of reading, AND an ice cream sundae, right?

Luisa Perkins said...

You're such a champ!

Josi said...

I love deadlines until they morph into a big man with a black hood and very sharp ax--then I realize I need a break. I've no doubt you'll get it done though. Good luck.

Annette Lyon said...

Right, Karlene. That's what I meant. ALL three on the same day. Ahhh . . .

Heather Moore said...

Well, you can read while in the bath. And you can read while eating ice cream. Sounds like you're set! Good luck!

I had to up my word count goal from 1000 to 2000/day or this book will never get done.

Don said...

Still having a lot of fun drafting scenes, I'm almost afraid to get to the "fill and cut" phase. Hopefully it will be half as much fun as the first part.

Make sure there's hot fudge on that sundae!

Unknown said...

It's great that you know your limits, Annette. Good for you. Sorry about the bug though--and right before the Chocolate Show! That's a lot of stress you're under.

Put your feet up (well, try for a few minutes :-)) and enjoy a Christmas gift from my blog today.

Same goes for anyone other stressed (or unstressed) reader. Go help yourself feel Christmassy already.

Anna said...

Way to go. I can't wait until I'm able post on my blog that I have actual chapters formed in my book.

All this reading about it makes me eager to read it when it comes out.


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