Signings in the Air

You can tell that Christmas is around the corner.

I know this in part because of the music on the radio and the decorations in the stores and the lights twinkling on the houses around my neighborhood. (Oh, and those insanely long lists my kids keep writing—and revising—for Santa.)

Another clue is that my book signing schedule has revved into gear. This time around, nearly all of them are Fridays from noon to one o'clock. This is intentional; with the busyness of the season, I need to keep the impact on the family to a minimum, and lunch time does that. (Apologies to those who prefer a weekend or evening hour!)

Starting tomorrow (Friday, November 30), I'll be on the signing circuit. First off will be at the American Fork Seagull, and then that evening way up in Logan at the Book Table for their annual Midnight Madness event. Heather Moore and I will be going up together, and there are always lots of other authors there.

Then every Friday between now and Christmas, I'll be at a different Utah Valley Seagull. Just check out the schedule on the sidebar there.

Please come; I'd love to see a friendly face!


Kimberly said…
It's at moments like this (and moments where chocolate is involved) that I yearn to live in Utah. ~sigh~
Karlene said…
I was in the N. Orem Seagull earlier today and bought Spires. And it's already been signed--so if I don't make it to one of your signings, I can still pretend that I did. :)
you rock.

hope you enjoy the experience, kathleen :)
Luisa Perkins said…
So fun! I wish there were a Hudson Valley Seagull.
Deborah said…
You seem pretty busy, and that's good. Just found your blog via BlogRush. Hope to see more updates soon!

An Ordinary Mom said…
I wish I lived in Utah right now ...

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