VIP Winner

Short post--as you can imagine, it's a busy day, being Chocolate Show week!

But I had to congratulate Kimberly, whose story was selected as the VIP pass winner.


Her confession had me laughing out loud:

My husband bought a bag of lindt chocolates to have around as an occasional treat. I snarfed them all while he was at work one day (my three year old made me do it! I swear!), and promptly panicked. I loaded the kids in the car, drove to the grocery store, and bought another bag. I then wrapped the offending wrappers up in several grocery bags and pushed the bundle to the bottom of the garbage can. He never suspected a thing. And his sympathy over me feeling ill that night? Just a little bit torturous.

Since Kimberly's not in Utah, she's decided to pass the tickets to a good friend of hers who can use them.

I definitely plan on using more stories in future issues of The Weekly Chocolate Fix. (Want to subscribe? It's free. Click here.)

So Karlene and Amber will each get four show tickets, good for the expo on both Friday & Saturday.

Ladies, just let me know if you want those to be for THIS WEEKEND or for the 2008 show.

Now I'm off . . .

Hope to see some of you at the show!


Kimberly said…
So glad I gave you a giggle - and thanks so much!
Brillig said…
HAHAHAHA. That's hilarious! I can totally see myself doing that...
Ajoy said…
Great story you chose, Annette. :)

Kimberly that was too funny!
Luisa Perkins said…
You can always count on Kimberly for a great story. Congratulations!

I hope you are having a blast chocolatizing the state!
The reason it's so funny and even a little embarrassing? I KNOW exactly where she's coming from. Well, almost.
that confession was a hoot!
iZING said…
Hmmmm, chocolate.

Pass the box back my way!
A. Riley said…
My sister went to the chocolate show and enjoyed it.
Luisa Perkins said…
Looking forward to details of The Show once Thanksgiving is over! Have a great day tomorrow.
Luisa Perkins said…
Missing you....

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