True or False?

Tristi tagged me for a liar meme.

The idea is that I share some tidbits about me, ONE of which is not true. You guess which is the lie, and I’ll reveal the answer in a few days.

To sweeten the pot, I’ll draw one person’s name out of all the comments (regardless of whether they guess correctly) to receive a copy of Spires of Stone. Be sure I can contact you through your comment (or leave your email address).

Here are the four things. None are earth-shatteringly exciting, but hey, they’re mine. Somehow they’re mostly about my early years. No idea why; they’re just what I thought of.

1. Once while camping in the High Uintahs, I stood too close to the fire one morning in an attempt to warm up. I locked my knees and passed out into the fire pit, effectively singing off my eyebrows and eyelashes.

2. My senior year, I didn’t make it into our high school musical because the choir teacher thought I was a junior. He wanted to give more seniors a chance to perform before they graduated. Uh, whoops.

3. For some totally weird and inexplicable reason, instead of continuing with French as I had in eighth grade, I took two years of Russian in high school.

4. I've had four epidurals, one natural childbirth.

Guess away!


Ajoy said…
Hmmmmm- you got me! It's tough. You're good at his game. Hmmm.. I think I will guess number 4 is false. :)
I'm going with number 4, as well.... Something tells me it's false.
I think I'll pick #4 also.
Tristi Pinkston said…
I vote #4 for reasons I won't share until later because I want everyone to think for themselves.
I'm going with #2. No reason.
Kate said…
My guess is #3.
Luisa Perkins said…
I choose #4.

(I must win, I must win, I must WIN....)
Anonymous said…
My guess is number 4! I just love your books and have been waiting for spires of stone to come to our library!! You are an awesome author!! Christal
Karlene said…
I'm guessing #1, just because no one else has.
A. Riley said…
I'm going to go with #2.
Don said…
I'm going with #1, thinking that a fall into the fire pit would do a bit more damage than singe eyebrows...
Annette Lyon said…
Is it completely evil of me to be enjoying this? :D
Amber said…
I'm going to go with #3. :D
hi annette,
i am guessing # 2. i totally enjoyed myself while people guessed on mine, too, last week. only two people guessed right out of a whole bunch. thanks for coming by and for the congrats note on me finishing my comptroller certifification. hardest goal i have ever accomplished. hey, guess what? i just ordered your "spires of stone" book about an hour ago and then i happen to see that that is what you are offering as a possible prize here. how fun. i have to have something else to read as soon as i finish traci's last book. have a great week getting your draft done. yay annette! kathleen :)
Josi said…
I think we're being tricked and that you are very sneaky. I want to say #4, but I have a suspicion that there's more to the story there. Epidurals do wear off, and so I'm going with #2--I think you did participate in that musical.
Julie Wright said…
I'm going with three. I've never heard you speak Russian and therefore this must mean that you don't. My logic bites but there it is. I already have a copy of Spires :) so if you pull my name, choose someone else. I just wanted to play but don't need the prize :)

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