Dissing Dora

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found out that today author Lynne Truss is speaking at the BYU Devotional.

Woo! Yes! Snoopy happy dance! News like that is akin to Word Nerd Crack.

Alas . . . I can't make it. (I know. That fact is about killing me.)

No worries: I've already set my TiVo to record the devotional. The one they broadcast on KBYU had better be the live one. (If not, I'll still dig around and find the video to watch. I just GOTTA. It's Lynne Truss, people!)

Last night when I set the TiVo up to record, I got the warning that Dora the Explorer and The Wonder Pets! overlap with the devotional and wouldn't be recorded if I proceeded.

I had to choose: A speech by a writer I think is hilarious and witty on one hand, and my sweet little kindergartner who loves Dora and Tuck and all the little Wonder Pets on the other.

Simple answer, really. I'm hoping to keep #4 distracted from the TV today. She'll forgive me, right?


Melanie J said…
I'm shocked that was even a debate for you! See, it just proves you're a good mom that it even gave you a moment's pause, so hang your hat on that.
Kristina P. said…
I have the conflicting shows pop up all the time. Mostly with my husband's shows. Guess who wins.
*MARY* said…
How crazy, I just got done kind of listening to this same devotional. Our TV is always tuned to PBS and the BYU devotional comes on after Barney. So I was kind of watching it today while I was blogging. She really is funny; I loved her opening line.
RobisonWells said…
Just so you know: I went, and it was awesome. My friend got her to sign his book.
Heidi Ashworth said…
As a writer who would love to speak on/at anything to do with BYU (just kidding, but not really) I think you made the right choice.
Kimberly said…
I read. I loved. I had too little time to write an insightful or sweet comment and left you this ridiculous cut and paste thingy instead. Mwah!
Annette Lyon said…
Rob, go ahead, rub it in. I just watched it--and it was awesome. Wish they would have broadcast the Q&A afterward, though. I also wish I had her autograph on my books.
Jan said…
Yah Rob, that wasn't nice. She is trying here :)

I have your back Annette.
So you went with Dora and the wonderpets right?

That so would not even have given me a moments pause. I wonder what that says about me. (No, I don't. I know.)
Michemily said…
I've seen your comments on a few blogs I follow, and I kept thinking, "Annette Lyon . . . I know that name somehow." Now I figured it out. My grandpa (Reed Glauser) somehow knows you and loves your books. How cool that you're blogging.
Summer said…
Well I can't stand Dora in the first place so that would have been no contest for me. But Wonder Pets is cute. :)
Hard choice. So did that go over well with #4? :-)

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