Word Nerd Wednesday: Go for Launch!

Since the Word Nerd poll had an overwhelmingly positive response, I will be doing Word Nerd Wednesdays (although I'm making no promises about them being every week).

I'll be taking a blogcation for the rest of this week to enjoy Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd put up a fun Word Nerd activity until I get back.

How well do you know your homophones?

Take this test to find out.

Here's the deal: I've got a Utah Truffles bar to award!

To enter the drawing, take the quiz at the link above and then post your score in the comments. I won't be picking the highest score or anything like that. It'll be a random drawing from everyone who posts their score.

Being the ultimate word nerd, I feel like I should know it all, so I'm feeling a bit dumb that I didn't get all 43 correct. I missed one. Darn it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(If you have an idea for a future Word Nerd Wednesday post, let me know!)


Kristina P. said…
I got 100%! There was one that almost got me.

Have a great weekend!
LisAway said…
Well, not too brag, butt I got them all write. Won hundred percent. Steel, I wood knot say it was a grate test. It felt moore like a spelling quiz. Butt it was fun!

Thanks four sharing that.
Heidi Ashworth said…
Lisa, you crack me up!! How very clever of you. I got 100%, too, but I did have one I think to really think about. (I did take a long time to do this but it was because I got interrupted, NOT because I was googling bouy. Or is it buoy?)
Stephanie Black said…
100 percent. One did give me pause, though.
Lara said…
Okay, I am dying laughing at LisAway's comment. Too funny.

I got 100%...like everyone else, I had to think hard on one of them. :)
I also got 100%. English teachers rule!
Lyon Pride said…
Well, I'm not perfect but hey if a truffle bar is at stake I can be humble. I missed two.
I got them all too! I'm sure playing text twist helps.
Michemily said…
97.67 %
# of questions you got right: 42 / 43 Correct

The "discreet/discrete" one got me. :( Next time.

My word verification is "comon," like "I can't believe I didn't get a perfect score. Comon!" ;)
Cheryl said…
I also got 100%. I'm so brilliant, I can't hardly stand it! Okay, not really, because there were two that made me think for a bit. I'm just a good guesser, I guess. See? I guess all the time.
Kimberly said…
I like Lisa should win for making me laugh so hard I snorted, but I got 100% as well.

The pawn/porn one made me snigger.
I missed one, (stupid floating thingys) but it was more like a spelling test to me too and I'm not a great speller. I know, excuses, excuses.
I missed one. The discrete/discreet question got me.
Melanie J said…
I got 100% but I wish Lisa could win just because that was funny.
Sandra said…
97.67% for me as well. I missed 1
Discrete/Discreet got me.
Tristi Pinkston said…
I missed one -- the same one as everyone else. At least I'm not alone. :)
Sher said…
Dangit! I got 41 out of 43. I'm dumb.
Keith Fisher said…
I got 41 out of 43. only two wrong.
Heffalump said…
42 out of 43...those floating _____s are tricky I guess.
Julie Wright said…
I got them all right! WOOHOO! I feel so smart!
Anonymous said…



The other day I was correcting my daughter about then/than. I don't get why people mix those up but I see it ALL the time!

SB in MI
Summer said…
42/43 - I can't believe I missed discreet. I was wishy washy on that one. I'm very particular about spelling so I'm surprised I got any wrong. :)
Queenmemory said…
43/43 Wow and woohoo for me

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