And She's Cute, Too.

My youngest (age 6 and a half) has a game she like to play, something I sure many of you do with your kids.

It goes like this:

"I love you more," she says.

"No, I love you more," I answer.

"I love you a hundred."

I counter, "Then I love you a thousand."

"I love you a million-zillion-billion plus two!"

"I love you FOUR million-zillion-billion plus eight!"

In a fit of energy, she proclaims, "I love you more than you can think of and more than I can think of, put together and infinity! I win!"

Then she giggles herself silly.

I knew she understood the generic concept of infinity (thanks to lectures from her older siblings), but I had no idea she knew it went beyond the theoretical "biggest number there is, to no end."

The other day she left a note on my desk. It revealed that she's darn smarter than I gave her credit for. I don't know where she learned this:

Translation: "I love you Mommy infinity" (note the INFINITY symbol).

(Whose daughter is this again? Oh, yeah. Her dad's.)

On a second sticky note tucked under the first one, she added one more bit, just in case I tried to beat her at the game and also love her to infinity:

"And 100"


Melanie J said…
And that right there is why we do it, isn't it?

My son and I used to have a similar conversation but his trump card was, "I love you how far Bluto (Pluto) is." It made my day plus a hundred every time.
Kimberly said…
What a sweetie!

My youngest and I do something similar, except it goes along the lines of I love you bigger, I love you biggest...then one day she topped it all with, "I love you best!"

Many, many giggles.
wonder woman said…
This is so adorable.
LisAway said…
What a smart little sweetie. That "and 100" is just awesome. Sorry, mom. I don't think anything is higher than infinity + 100. She's got you beat. :)
She is a smart cookie! I love that she left you the note.

My daughter told me all this stuff she loved me more than, but said she didn't love me more than New York. Yeah, sweet, right?
Kristina P. said…
Please don't barf, but my husband and I play this game too.
NorahS said…
Very sweet. I miss those days!
Jenna Consolo said…
That is SO adorable! You must keep these forever!
Well, you gotta add that extra hundred just in case.
Lara said…
Smart and adorable! I love it! I'm also very impressed, because I don't think I learned that infinity symbol till college!

Once Bria and I were having a similar conversation, but we usually do it like this; I love you as big as the sky, or the ocean or whatever. I'd just said something really big and she said, with her eyes really big and said, "You mean, you love me as big as a giraffe's neck?"
Mina said…
I LOVE a six 1/2 year old who knows the infinity sign.

Un, I don't know if you're into arranged marriages, but I happen to have a handsome, intelligent, charming 7 year old boy ...
Heffalump said…
Are you sure there wasn't another sign underneath that one that said, "I WIN!"?
Those little notes are keepers for sure.
And ... THAT makes everything worth it.
Summer said…
Aw, that's so cute! I love playing I love you more with my kids too.
the letter Bee said…
that is so cute!
Amanda D said…
So cute!
Heidi Ashworth said…
Okay, this is so weird b/c my 7 year old and I had almost the exact same series of exchanges when he was sixe. How great these two would be together, loving each other into infinity plus 100 X 2!
Erin said…
That is really sweet. Infinity and 100!
Cynthia said…
What a smartie! We play that game too.
Annie Valentine said…
That is kind of awesome. Hey, should I go to this year's LDS Storymakers?
Jenn said…
Crackin' up!
We use "a google and beyond" "+7", etc.

I love her hidden sticky note! Clever.
Brooke said…
What a sweetie!
How sweet. I love it.

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