A Happy List

At times, a list just feels good.

Some things that made me happy today:

1) Making quite a bit of progress at digging the house out from under some serious messes.

2) Getting a freelance check in the mail (which was a bit larger than expected, so double smiles).

3) Husband taking the day off work and saying, "This afternoon, if there's housework you want help with, let me know." (SERIOUSLY? WOOOOOOT!)

4) Meeting Emily M of Segullah for the first time. Even though we've corresponded a lot via e-mail, this was our first in-person meeting; we swapped some Whitney finalists to read. It was like chatting with an old friend. She reminds me of one of my cousins. (Emily, that's a compliment!)

5) Seeing Emily's post over at Segullah. Kinda made my day.

6) Wearing pants that make me look smaller than I really am (pants that hide those extra pounds that recently sneaked onto my waist . . . grrrrr).

7) Getting my Band of Sisters pass-along cards in the mail. They turned out gorgeous . . . and seeing them made the upcoming release feel more real! (It's coming! It's coming! We're only two weeks out!)

8) NOT being on deadline. (Which allowed me to, oh, do some housecleaning.) I enjoyed the fact that there wasn't work and a due date looming over me like a cloud . . . because I'll have another deadline soon, self-imposed or otherwise.

9) I was about to say kids not fighting, but then two of them rushed into my office . . . fighting. So, yeah. Forget that one.

10) I won't be cooking dinner tonight. Always cause for celebration.

Up tomorrow: Word Nerd Wednesday, my day at Writing on the Wall, and my AML post for the month. (What was that about no deadlines?)


Sher said…
Sounds like you've had a pretty awesome day. I especially like that your hubs took the day off and offered to help you with the house. That'll never happen at my house. My hubs rarely takes days off, but I never have to clean up after him, and he offers to play with the kids so i can get stuff done, so it's all good.
Rebecca said…
I too am happy that your husband offered to help! What a lovely belated V-day present!

I like reading thankful-for lists. Makes me more grateful for what I have.

By the way, my husband and I are going to try to go to Storymakers, so I hope to get to meet you!
Terresa said…
Great news all around, and the pass along cards sound like a sweet idea!

I cleaned out my freezer today and posted a poem I'm very happy with on my blog. And I'm ready for my Primary Presidency meeting tonight, ahead of schedule.

All in all, a good day.
DeNae said…
What a lovely list! Helping husbands are the BEST!! And not having to cook dinner ranks right up there with winning the Lottery and losing 10 pounds for no apparent reason!
Lara said…
Excellent list! Very happy stuff.

I love Emily. I grew up with her. She is amazing. I'm jealous you got to see her. :)
Kristina P. said…
That sounds like a great day!
Jessica G. said…
A Happy List...excellent idea! I could really use a few moments of dwelling on the good.
Emily M. said…
Annette, I could talk to you for hours. It was so fun to finally meet in person! You rock.

Hi Lara! I love you too. :-)
Sherrie said…
That does sound like a great day. I'm glad you got some things done that you wanted to do without deadlines hanging over your head. What an awesome hubby! :)
Heffalump said…
Happy lists are always good!
Amber Lynae said…
Your happy list just made my day seem worse.... just kidding. I'm glad you have so much to be happy about. Ever day deserves a happy list.
Happy Mom said…
It makes me happy when I see a new post from the Lyon's Tale. And word nerd wednesdays are just plain fun!!!
Luisa Perkins said…
Very happy! Fantastic.
Wonder Woman said…
Wonderful list. Emily's Segullah post made me smile, too. Tower of Strength was (is) a great novel.
Kimberly said…
The next best thing to having a wonderful day is a friend having a wonderful day. So glad for you!
amelia said…
I LOVE DANGLING PARTICIPLES! So glad you blogged about it.
Melanie J said…
I like to read people's happy lists.

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