Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Writing Journey--Woot!

Today I have nothing profound to say. Instead, I'll just squeal.


Okay, that was fun.

The Triple Book Launch Party
THIS evening, March 12, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
At the new Deseret Book just outside of University Mall
(Near the movie theater.)

Julie Bellon, Sarah M. Eden, and I will be there with our brand new books and (we hope!) a good number of attendees.

Door Prizes!
More and more people keep donating door prizes. That's reason enough to come, for sure! The latest addition: Copies H. B. Moore's two newest novels, Abinadi and Alma.

A couple of other quick notes before I return to my massive to-do list:
  • I had a phone-in radio interview with Rebecca Cressman today. Soon it'll be sent out as an MP3 file in the Your LDS Neighborhood newsletter. I'll be sure to link over then.
  • We discussed at length the charity I'm working with that supports military families, Flat Daddy. I'll post more about the charity soon, but you can see the gist on my website and on the back page of Band of Sisters. I'm hoping we can raise a ton of money to help this great cause.
  • In a couple of weeks, Rebecca Cressman will doing a more in-depth interview with me and a military wife who has been through deployment. We'll discuss practical ways others can help a family during a deployment, talk about the Flat Daddy program, and dispel a lot of deployment myths. (Among those myths: deployment is just like being a single mother or having your husband travel a lot. Um, no.) That interview will air on FM 100.3 on Monday, March 29th.
  • My good friend Tristi Pinkston has a new book out of her own, a mystery called The Secret Sisters. In conjunction with her release, she is also helping a charity: collecting socks (and donations for socks) for The Road Home homeless shelter. Check out the details here.

Finally, a BIG announcement:
Figured that today's a big day, so why not go for bigger? Behold the title of my forthcoming chocolate cookbook:

Chocolate Never Faileth!

Emphasis and excitement with the exclamation point is part of the title. :)

Hope to see lots and lots of familiar and new faces tonight! I'll post photos later.


Jordan McCollum said...

I love the title!

(I'm sure you'll see this whenyou have a chance to breathe, but I blogged about Flat Daddy today, btw.)

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you tonight! Congratulations on the most excellent title. I'm excited to get my hands on it.

Carolyn V. said...


Krista said...

I LOVE that title! Have fun tonight! Wish I was there...

Cranberryfries said...

Yay for a great title! Any word yet on the cover art?

Totally gonna tune in to 100.3! How exciting. Ok so since you already did the phone in part, how do you feel? Was it fun or more nerve wracking? Cant wait to listen to it.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I am in love with that title! Perfect!

Vera said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've read the first three chapters of your new book - can't wait to read the rest. Unfortunately shipping it to Europe would be more expensive than the book, so I guess I have to wait until my next trip to the US.

Hope your launch party went well :)

NLS 1993 said...

So many exciting things going on for you!

I'm so looking forward to meeting you at CBC. :)


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